Best of the Worst: Deadly Prey, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, and Miami Connection

To mentally escape the Hell that is Wisconsin winter, the gang watches three films from 1987 that all take place in warm climates: the Rambo knockoff Deadly Prey, the Andy Sidaris action classic Hard Ticket to Hawaii, and the recently rediscovered Miami Connection.


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  1. Fun fact: the male lead on the cover from Hard Ticket to Hawaii starred on the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful for 25 years. Soap fandom has been roasting Ronn Moss’ hammy acting for years. And somehow, the show managed to replace him with an even worse actor after he left.

  2. Deadly prey was amazing because it broke all the bullshit tropes from the 80's. The female lead dies, Tim Curry dies and the main bad guy presumably (confirmed by the sequel) survives.

    Its also batshit insane and the sequel is just as mad as the original. They are amazing.

  3. Miami Connection is the greatest movie ever!!! I will at least give them credit for even making the film! It's so bad it doesn't just qualify for so bad it's good, but truly a special category of horrible. I haven't had this much fun in a long time.

  4. I THOUGHT the actor playing Rowdy in Hard Ticket to Hawaii looked familiar… It's Ronn Moss, who, for decades, played Ridge Forrester on the CBS soap opera, Bold and the Beautiful. Crazy!

  5. Boy, each of these three movies deserves to be the Best of the Worst. They're all classics, at least in my book. I don't think they'll ever have an evening like this one again…

  6. I actually went to a seminar hosted by Y.H. Kim in the 90's as a part of my Grandmaster's martial arts school. I remember it being ok… but later I found many of his teaching came from Stephen Covey. I don't remember anything else of use beyond what he borrowed from others. I remember him showing a block diagram / schedule of achievement needed for him to promote Tae Kwon Do sparring games to be bigger than the Olympics in only a few years. I thought it was a bit overly optimistic at the time… 20 years later and this still hasn't happened. LOL anyways, thought I'd share that.

  7. That shot at 19:15 of how the guy is outrageously freaking out about a snake on a plane 20' away from him is totally me any time I see even a tiny snake anywhere near me. LOL. I have a totally unreasonable fear of snakes that I can't do anything about no matter how hard I try. It makes living in the woods in Florida kind of loaded with anxiety.

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