Reacting to Tua Tagovailoa's performance against the Panthers | KJM

Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Max Kellerman react to Tua Tagovailoa’s performance in the Miami Dolphins’ 33-10 win over the Carolina Panthers during Week 12 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  1. Keyshawn’s a tua hater. Never gives him the benefit of the doubt .. he’s a second year player who barely played his first year/he is standing behind the worst o line in the league and he is playing with fractured ribs and a fractured finger and he is still carving up defenses.. does he make mistakes? Yes.. he’s basically a rookie.. Carolina was his 16th game played . He’s 9-7 and a proven winner

  2. For the love of God, please kill this thing called "Monday Night Football" on ESPN. It SUCKS so bad!!!!  It's embarrassing to hear such a great classic intro theme used on such a TOTALLY CRAPPY production, with HORRIBLE announcers.  Please!  For GOD’S SAKE! Put this thing finally out of its misery!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Keyshawn sucked as a player always crying and letting his teammates down by thinking of himself and couldn’t handle the pressure when it counted and this guy is evaluating players is Beyond believable! And what can you say about Max, he had TB over the hill five years ago, Enough said!!!!

  4. Stop using this Drew Brees narrative! He won comeback player of the year for his breakout 3rd season on the Chargers and he was never benched (played all 16 games his 5th & last season in LA!) He was improving each season, but suffered what was thought to be a career ending injury. They had drafted Rivers in ‘04 before he took a leap & replaced Brees w/ him when he had what they thought was a career ending injury.

  5. Mac Jones and Tua are essentially the same QB style. They both play the same, just one is 6 ft and a lefty and one is 6'4. If the roles were reversed and Tua got drafted to NE and Mac to Miami, the pundits would have Tua as the annoited one


  7. Ok lets compare the numbers of Herbert and Tua
    66 % completion 6.9 yards average per completion 48 % winning percentage
    67 % completion 6.7 yards average per completion 56 % winning percentage

    I don't see much difference. If we add that Tua is doing this with two of the top three receivers only playing 5 games and 2 games, that is only 30 % of the time and , statistically the worst offensive line in the NFL. It is not my opinion, statistically we have three of the worst lineman allowing quarterback pressure and the last I check ,we were 32 or 31 in the running game what this guy is doing is amazing.

  8. 3rd or 4th qb in the division? If Mac and Tua switched teams, Tua would do just as good if not better in NE than Mac would in Miami. Key calls Tua just a game manager but isn’t that what Mac Jones is doing in NE?

  9. I usually agree with Key but I believe he’s wrong here. Tua is the kind of QB that simply needs the right coach (a la Sean Payton) who can put the right pieces around him and just more time. The injuries are indeed disturbing, but maybe this speaks more to the O-line. His numbers are solid for a rookie QB with 16 starts under his belt.

  10. Stupid take. So what they went for watson. That logic makes no sense oh tua not good cause they looked else where. Watson is top ten top 5 now and young… Tua has the chance to be. Why wouldn't u wait for a chance when u have a for sure now? Literally makes no sense why you wouldn't even flirt with it. Tua has potential to be top ten or 12… But u be a liar if u wouldn't want Watson if legal issues weren't around and the deal was right

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