Miami Dolphins Rumors After Panthers Win On Tua, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki, Jaelan Phillips

Miami Dolphins rumors after their big win against the Carolina Panthers in NFL Week 12 surround Tua Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddle, Jaelan Phillips, Mike Gesicki and the defense. Tua completed 27/31 of his passes and was a great game manager in this win. Jaylen Waddle had 9 catches for 137 yards and he is only 25 grabs away from breaking Anquan Boldin’s rookie catch record of 101. Jaelan Phillips had 3 sacks and continues to make his case for Defense Rookie of the Year. Mike Gesicki is in the final year of his contract, could the Dolphins be weeding him out? The Dolphins defense has played great the past 5 weeks, are they a top 10 defense now? Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz has the top trending stories around the Dolphins.

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Dolphins Overreactions after Panthers Win:
– Tua’s best game of 2021?
– Dolphins Defense is top 10?
– Jaylen Waddle most REC by a rookie?
– Jaelan Phillips ROTY?
– Mike Gesicki not returning in 2022?

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Questions asked by Mitchell Renz on today’s show:
– Which game this season is Tua’s best?
– Do the Dolphins have a top 10 defense right now?
– How many catches will Waddle finish with this season?
– Will Jaelan Phillips win defensive rookie of the year?
– Will this be Gesicki’s last season in Miami?

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  1. do not get too excited,,Tua is an average QB,,to succede,,the Fins need much more talent,,,there have been so many years of average teams,,around 500 ball,,its been years since Fins have played for a championship,,or Superbowl,,they need much more talent,,the Patriots have surpassed us in 1 years time,,they have a better QB than Tua,,

  2. Yes This Team is starting to gel and play really well together. The Defense is smoking Hot right Now. Tua is completing a high percentage of his passes. Put the talent around him and protect him and no doubt he can excell. I see a tremendous amount of improvement and he will only be better 12 months from now. He's just now got officially I think 16 career starts under his belt. I really like what I see with Tua the last few weeks because if he can do this with this offensive line and limited skillset players as a whole unit I mean then what can he do with even better talent in front of him ?

  3. I've never seen so many commentators downplay such high qb rating. No objectivity at all. They say Waddle is dominant but the guy throwing him the ball is only average or improving. Be honest about your bias.

  4. its crazy how people feel like they can only give Tua underhanded compliments. Tua is already better than Drew Brees was after his first year with the Chargers. When you take into consideration where young Drew Brees was at, what a young steve young looked like with the Los Angeles Express and Tampa Bay Buccaneers….. Tampa fans sounded exactly like all the dolphin fans wanting to give up on Tua… only to watch Steve Young become an all time great in San Francisco.

  5. The win over Carolina was the best point total win their best game was against Baltimore because they were such underdogs in that game and it was such a surprise win and I qgree the play calling sucks it does not play to Tua's strengths it is so conservative makes Republicans look like screaming liberals and Waddle will break the record so long as he catches his average number of passes per game at 106 We are not a top ten defense based on the season so far we are a top ten defense based on the last 4 games Phillips will be in contention for it but no he is a Dolphin:!Gesike will be back

  6. Give this kid an offensive line and players that are actually able to make it on the playing field. Bottom line is Chris Grier is the main problem with this organization. Chris Grier has been making bad decisions for the dolphins for over 20 years. You want real change start at the top and overhaul this coaching staff. To many chiefs on this team that don't have a clue on coaching the Indians on this team. Waddle Giseki and Tua are the only reliable offensive players on this team.

  7. Its not the OL that's bad, it's the incompetent play callers! By calling in screens & short passes it allows the opp to crowd the box, reduces the effectiveness of the run game & allows teams to get more pressure. Its common sense, which our staff lacks!

  8. Waddle will end at 106 receptions, 1100 yards. And gesiki was our most threatening offensive player. I feel like teams are trying to take him out of the equation. But he will be resigned. Once the salary cap goes up.

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