Investigation Underway After Man Found In Landing Gear Compartment Of Flight Headed To MIA

CBS4’s Bobeth Yates reports the man was on an American Airlines flight with service from Guatemala to Miami.


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  1. Great job Airport security, next time he will be able to place the bomb and won't be found until after it lands! We pay all this money for government and private security and it's all just a big joke!! Jan 6th was the first sign of BS. People just walked in! All that billions of dollars spent for what

  2. hahaha, the terrorist must be rubbing their hands saying if these fools can hitch a ride in these places on a plane without being detected then they are back in business. they should put him back on the next flight back and give him a reward for exposing a flaw in security then fine the airline what they paid him

  3. That is some Great Security… Thanks TSA!
    The Government (Federal, State, & Local) has gone Criminally Berserk! The People need to TAKE their Governments Back! Congress better grow some Balls NOW and Impeach Biden, Close the GD Borders, and Fix the Injustice System!

    Gee Do You Think the People are PISSED OFF? I wonder WHY? Got Totalitarianism? Got a Police State? Everything is ILLEGAL!

    The Gospel of Government! All Pesky Citizens will Shut Up, PAY, and OBEY! This is what your Government thinks of the US Citizens.

    We once suffered from Criminals committing crimes, now we suffer from Psychopath Control Freak Government Agents making Laws to Control every aspect of your life and Violating the Constitution!

    When the Government’s Boot is on your throat, weather it is a LEFT Boot or a RIGHT, is of NO Consequence!

    Legalize Privacy, Freedom, & Liberty! I am tired of being SCREWED!

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