Deeper Dive Into Miami Dolphins Victory Over The Panthers!


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  1. DDW: If we beat the G-Men I'd like to see you make a video on what the heck "switch" did someone flip to turn a 1-7 team into a 6-7 team. This improvement happened without a revamp of the O-line. It just seems like two different teams. Also, I'd like you to project our record if Tua never cracked his ribs. Wonder where we'd be. Love to hear your analysis. Jim from Honolulu.

  2. Personally I feel like other than along the line that the offense has made good progress after the Brisset games. So I don't know if I want new coordinators yet. OL is either coaching or a couple of players holding them back. OL is where I would put my money first next year.

  3. Well, our defense is playing up to their potential. They're not asking Tua to go win the game and instead just don't lose it. Our wins are not against top tier teams, but with that said, if we beat the Giants and go into the Bye week healthy, we have a shot to win out. I don't think we will make playoffs, but we have a shot.

  4. I feel that the offensive coordinators are starting to grow. You can tell they are getting better at hiding the deficiencies of the offensive line. And scheming ways to slow the pass rush. The run offense has improved the past couple of weeks and they have schemed some layups for Tua.

  5. Most didn't give tua time to develop and that's unfortunate, I'm not saying he where he needs to be,but after all the situations he's been in he's progressing pretty damn good. I don't think we need new OC Doug if we keep tua, and get new OC that'll be another setback. Just keep what we have and keep progressing. They're slowly but surely tweaking the offense game by game seems like it to fit Tuas style of play. The run game just need a little help.

  6. In for a penny, in for a pound. The conversation about Flores changed when the D showed up. Super bowls are won with excellent defense. I don't know why we were so bad but the D's back. Now, we need to get the offense lit. Consistency is the key to winning. Wholesale change is a drastic measure. Look at NE. Consistency.

  7. While the offensive line is this bad, it's just stupid to think about "moving on" from Tua, you simply can't know how good he is/can be or isn't/can't be. He clearly shows signs he could be quite good, maybe even very good (not gonna drop the "F" word, let's just keep that way out in the distance), and he's absolutely earned himself time and more games, another season.

    Now sure, you could say, but that completion rate is all because he's throwing short and all that yardage is YAC … and I get ya; but trapped behind that line? You just can't discount that. And we know it's kept the running game chimped down, as well. It's terrible, that OL, and there's no sugar-coating it. The adage that games are won and lost in the trenches is a truism, and all of us know it whether we're willing to admit it or not. Nothing else will be really right until we get that right … but darned if these last couple games don't show what it could be.

  8. Smart thing to do is to hire an experienced coach to be our OC, so he can find a good OL coach, do his thing and if shit hits the fan with Flo, the new OC would take over as new HC. But who….?

  9. Blocked punt for TD won this game. Tua still throwing 1 yard passes. It’s just bad watching this guys inability to throw deep. The stars were aligned with Tua’s fumbles not hurting the Dolphins. Tiny Tua will not be a dolphin next year

  10. I agree with Big O about Flores, but I want to keep our great D and so think keeping Flores and the majority of Defensive coaches in place for next season is important. We just need to play our aggressive style of D from the first game of the season, and not from Game 9 or 10. I still can't get my head around that.

    As for the O, sadly we need to get rid of most of them again. In particular I would be looking to replace the OC's with an experienced offensive minded coach preferably with HC experience. Although I would be open to Fry getting the job outright too. I would also replace anyone and everyone involved with our garbage OL, and would also look at RB and WR coaches as I think both of these groups could be coached better.

    I think Flores and Grier are safe, and for me Grier has done a great job. As you say Doug our first 3 picks from this draft are going to be star players and we need to trust in him. Especially when you consider we were criticised for making Holland the first Safety taken, and taking Phillips over others. Doesn't look bad now, does it? I have even read some people questioning where we drafted Waddle, but for me he is going to be one of the top WR's in this league for seasons to come and with him and Tua we have a tandem to build around.

    Finally we need to keep Ogbah as he and Phillips are a great pairing who can pressure from both sides of the line giving opposing OL's a nightmare decision to make. We also need to make sure Gesicki and Hollins don't go anywhere. I would rather have Hollins starting over Parker, Williams and Fuller going forward. Another receiver who has developed a good relationship with Tua, plays hard for the team and has been involved in some of the most memorable plays over the past 18 months.

  11. Flores rebuilt this team the right way…defense first. They've worked on the line, but so far Eichenberg and Jackson haven't hit their stride. Davis will be replaced in time and sent back to the bench. The last couple of weeks play calling has improved. Personally I'd like to see us get a good OC, but if we can get an couple of good veterans to shore up the line then maybe stay with these coaches so Tua and the other young guys have some continuity while they progress rather than having them stop and have to learn another new offense. If we can fix the line we'll have most of the problems solved.

  12. The defense is starting to play like they did last year. Where was that defense the beginning of the season? Sadly the offensive line is still horrible. It's too little too late for Miami to make the playoffs.

  13. I like watching Doug over TD. Doug is always analyzing the team and will point out the bad in our team. As per Td he is just toxic, I’m highly considering unsubscribing from TD phins talk.

  14. Charly Fry the QBs coach is supposedly a offensive mastermind and what I’m told he’s the one on Tuas ear on Sunday’s but Godsey is the play caller, it goes from godsey to Fry to Tua, I wonder if Fry will get the OC position next year

  15. We gotta bring in at the very least new OL coach, along with probowl Center/Tackle. But if we can bring in experienced OC that knows how to use Tua, I guess I'd give it a try. Flores has a 5 year guaranteed contract.

  16. I'm okay with keeping Godsey if he continues to get better. I don't think they can make it work with the offensive coach. Maybe even get rid of the wide receivers coach.

  17. I hope Tua is our starter next season. I hate how the organization/Flores isn't more behind him. Show some damn support for Tua. Most fans love him, Florida loves him, he belongs in Miami. I'd move on from Flores first instead of Tua. But let's fix the O line, bring in solid OC. And please sign Gesicki+Hollins

  18. I’m loving the RPO style we’re running now and it looks way smoother than it did the beginning of the season. I don’t want another OC. I want Frye to just take full control and help Tua grow.

  19. Playoffs? .. playoffs!?… playoffs ???? 🤣….. If you're too young to get this . I'm sure DDW will get it. Now. Joking aside I hope they can run the table and go 10-7 🙏

  20. Tua has been making good throws, low interceptions, and is finding his groove. Like I said during the whole Watson, we need to give Tua a chance. I like how he is looking. Don't be throwing INTs and make consistent throws. The TDs will come if you're getting it in the receivers hands.

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