Carolina Panthers Vs Miami Dolphins Week 12 Recap!


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  1. I am ignoring the it was only Carolina or it was Cam Newton comments.

    At the end of the day this was the irst team win this season with all 3 phrases playing their part and Cam looked so bad partly because he is overrated, but also because our D shut him down, which we also did to their running game with or without McCaffrey.

    Tua has to be our QB going forward. He gets better and better, and is showing us plenty with one of the worst OL's and a WR room full of players who don't want to play and a RB room lacking that star player.

    With the OL for me the only ones who should have a chance to be here next season are Eichenberg but at LG, Deiter at C and Hunt at RG. We need verteran LT and RT's next season. We also need Lindsay who impressed me and I would rather see Gaskin, LIndsay and Duke starting. Ahmed just isn't good enough.

    Anyway a good win this weekend and it just makes me curse those losses to the JAgs, Colts and Falcons earlier.

    Oh and if Flores stays he needs to sort out our slow starts to the season. No point being 10-3 now in November if you have dug yourself in a hole in September and October.

  2. Awesome win Doug just awesome. If we play like this there is no way we lose another game this season. Plus we are only 2 games back of the 7 seed now. The 7 seed has 5 loses while we sit at 7 still. With 5 games left it’s officially on now for that push for a wildcard spot. We are a dangerous team right now especially if Lindsey gets better and better. That dude is a leader to. Teams are most dangerous that enter into the playoffs on a winning streak and that’s where I see us. We can beat anyone right now in the afc in my eyes even New England or Kansas City. Our defense is playing as good if not better than both those teams right now. All I gotta say is we are back baby and watch out afc. We are coming full steam. GO FINS🐬🐬🐬

  3. however this season goes I can promise every phins fan we don't need a new rebuild we had a rough start and lost a lot of games we should have won weather we make the postseason or not this team has a great young core and pieces fix the o line keep Lindsay and you got a team

  4. Tua is a beast and a QB1. Today was Tua's 16th game so officially his rookie season. 21 TD's 11 Ints 6 rushing TDs 3515 yards passing. That is not a bust and not an average QB sorry Tua haters you are blind a** fans

  5. I don’t understand why the don’t put eichenburg at RT. He hasn’t been great this year but he can’t be any worse than Jesse Davis. Move Jackson back to LT because it’s not tuas blind side. Why aren’t we playing soloman Kindley? He was our best OL pick from the 2020 draft and I haven’t seen him once this year.

  6. Comment of the day maybe
    Doug Waddle is a better pick than I first gave credit for but I want to ask you this. Doug do you believe that Waddle was worth the 6th pick in 2021 and what looks like a top 10 to 15 pick in 2022?
    To me, Waddle will never live up to what essentially is 2 high 1st round picks.

  7. The offensive line actually blocked below average instead of terrible and that is why we won. We were able to sustain drives and chew clock and score points which is key! Playing with a lead lets the defense play their best style which is aggressive and when the offense is on the field the defense stays fresh. This is the first truly team win I've seen all year. The last couple wins have been talent wins but this was truly a team win. Good things to build on in this game and it shows that we are not totally incompetent.

  8. Fun fact: if you have anything negative to say about tua after this game you’re officially ignorant. Idc what y’all say so just take your comments and carry on cuz I don’t want them

  9. now watch parker and fuller try to come back and want to play now that we are winning. They wasn't with us in the trenches but now we winning mark my word they gone be ready to play no smh

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