2021 Miami Dolphins – Wk 12 Dolphins vs Carolina Panthers Game Preview – w On The FinSide

Miami Dolphins Fans – the streaking Dolphins kick off their home stand against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday! Cat & Paul are here to break down the matchup- Tune in!

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  1. I am going to give some advice and it is good advice. You two do not have the following to capture an audiences attention for 5 minutes by being "entertaining". You certainly won't grow any, it will always say 1.6K. Talk football.

  2. I am done with Brian Flores he needs to be fired at the end of the season. Flores has NOT been able to assemble a competent coaching staff and has changed it every year for 3 years running so what makes anyone believe Flores can do it in year 4? No competent coach is going to join a coaching staff with the HC on the hot seat.

  3. Wow I never knew hearing someone talk down sweet potatoes would be a trigger for me.. you guys are nutts to leave sweet potatoes out the only way regular mash wins is if you add tons of sour cream butter hot sauceamd still plain sweet potatoes is stil light-years above them

  4. McCaffery going to eat tomorrow! 200 plus yards rushing leading to a blowout and finally people will see we don’t have a lot talent on this team and Chris Grier should get the blame.
    Paul the teams who are predicable and have talent are good, Tennessee, New England, Kansas City, etc. Teams that have to be unpredictable means they have no talent and the coaching needs to hide it. Thanks for proving my point of how talentless this team is.

  5. Interesting draft picks for Thanksgiving.
    I'm hoping that the offense line holds up in this game. Overall one of the worst offense line that the Dolphins have. You would have to go back to the early expansion years of the team to find one worst.
    Many years ago there was a starting Quarterback that if he a interception early in the game. Then he was going to have a good game. No he wasn't Miami Dolphin Quarterback.
    I will put a score Miami Dolphins 17 Caroline Panthers 13. 😐🤞

  6. If they bench tua again after this loss then we can go on another 2 game winning streak and then let tua play the easy teams to up his trade value because it's about a 4-5th rd pick and drafting a player 5th and trading him for the 135th pick is not good but better than ruining next year too!!

  7. Wait a minute Cat, so you are telling me that if Fuller or Parker get healthy you want to play them over the guys that have won games? I'm sorry but I don't let them on the field if they can't win, especially Fuller. Mack is proving to be a winner. Wilson should not be considered as part of the winners list.

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