Miami to Key West @ 130mph+ in a BOAT?! FPC Fun Run 2021-World offshore boat races 2021 with H2L

An Howe2Live epic adventure from Miami to Key West in a really go fast boat @ speeds in over 130mph! Adventure couple Mike and Sarah of Howe2Live H2L join the Florida Power Boating Club and the Race World Offshore World Championships in Key West. If you like boating you’ll love this 1st episode of this 3 episode series.

0:00 Intro
0:31 Julian and Richard Garcia (The Firm Racing) onboard crash teaser “Sketchy AF”
01:21 Intro Restart
01:55 Party with Cigarette Boats on Mega-Yacht teaser
02:05 The story begins “We have a snaffoo”
03:20 Sarah Packs for Trip
05:11 Up to Miami from Big Pine Key
06:05 Kiki’s Restaurant Fly By!
06:18 Flying with a Float Plane at 100mph
06:37 Navigating to Miami from Big Pine w a North Wind
07:32 Haul Over Marine Arrival
08:20 FPC Fun Run Moring Of
10:10 One of the Coolest Fun Run Sequences EVER!
12:10 TRIM That BOAT Correctly!
12:49 How Does A 390 Compare in 2s-3s?!
15:15 Speed With A Beat! (Shaun Torrente)!
16:33 1st Card Stop
17:15 2nd Leg to Gilbert’s – 150mph MTIs Pass Me!
18:50 Gilbert’s Howe2Live Fans Shootout
19:22 What’s This Channel About?! Hope and Life?
21:30 What’s In The Next 2 Episodes?!


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  1. I did a similar run WAY back in the '80s in a 38 foot Donzi with twin Mercs. Not quite a buck 50 but a solid 120 on the Gilbert leg. SO much fun!!!! You have NO idea how much I miss it!!!! Hell, the best way out of Haulover is often in a big boat at 80 knots on the right side! Bottom line. DO NOT take things for granted. Do not fail to cross off that bucket list. Do what ever you can to make that life happen . Take care of business. Then, no regrets!!!

  2. Please, Keep it Up!!! I don't know how I stumbled on your channel, but I'm grateful that I did. I do have a love for the water and for going fast. Some of my greatest memories were with my parents on a boat for a week or maybe two. I loved that time with my parents. My dad and I loved powering up those engines and exploring canyons laying the boat on its side as we explored the beauty of nature. I so thoroughly enjoy because the zest for life is what it is all about. My dad did something far more important and that was the utmost respect for my mother. He attributed everything he had or accomplished to my mom. The respect you show your wife is so fun to watch. I appreciate the zest you have for life. Thank you

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