Miami Heat: Losing composure, and a game, in Minnesota | Five on the Floor

The Miami Heat squandered a lead in a contentious game in Minnesota, and it raised some questions going forward.

Ethan Skolnick and Greg Sylvander evaluate whether long, athletic teams will give Miami trouble, and whether the Heat can keep composure better than they did Wednesday night. Also, what’s happening with Bam Adebayo for long stretches of games?

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  1. Bam's antics speak a lot about this team. He hasn't established himself as a perennial all-star yet, but he sure likes to clown around (joking when Haslem gets on the floor, dancing around during interviews, smirks and acts like if he's a HoF) he's gotta be more professional and work on his game. He always leans back when he drives in instead of being more assertive. He needs a go t move in the post he can do in his sleep. Bam is the ceiling of the Heat

  2. Whoever this idiot is, saying Karl isn't the driving force but Anthony Edward is for Timberwolves is fucking stupid. The wolves are playing a compete team game and KAT just dropped 30 points the game before. This game you guys got lucky that he ran into foul trouble or else you would've been smoked. I know your little "hero" is soft. I predicted before the game, he is going to face the kind of defense that is going to overwhelm him. And Milak Beasley, YES, Malik Beasley completely stopped him. Towns stopped BAM. DON'T make it seem like BAM need to do more. Maybe the free throws but as soon as KAT was in the game, he was stopped to a haul at the rim and no more freebies. He Judy isn't in the same level as Towns and other elite big men. Butter is a good player but he is more of a defensive player who can hit tough shots in the clutch. Don't expect him to be the primary scorer every night. So, that leaves the soft soy-boy "hero" as your primary scorer. You will never win with hero as your primary scorer especially against a team like the Wolves. Just pray Oladipo comes back 70% to save your ass. And, the Wolves are top 5 defense in the league. Believe it or not Heat don't and really can't defend like the Wolves. There was no one that could stop Ant, do, Beasley and you got bailed out with KAT being in foul trouble. But, that defense 🤣🤣.

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  4. My theory is Duncan needs his record streak of games with a made 3 pointer to end in order to shake him out if this slump. Seems like he's distracted each time after he finally hits one… it's like "streak's alive, I'm good"

  5. Honestly, the biggest issue with this team besides the shooting of Lowry and Duncan is the fact that their best player and primary wing can’t shoot 3s. How many teams have a starting wing who can’t shoot 3s? When you couple that with Bam who can’t shoot 3s yet and poor shooting around that, it’s hard to win. Unless you can play 5 out with Jimmy it’s going to be really hard to score in the half court when teams switch and put a long defender on Jimmy.

  6. When are people going to stop making excuses for Bam? He's had every opportunity to take over and be the guy on this team and he doesn't seem to want that. At this point i don't ever see him being a #1 or #2 option and it's better to trade him now before the league figures out what he really is, a role playing 4th or 5th option on a good team

  7. all criticisms aside and there are a few but if this game was the first night of a back to back, I think we have a much stronger 4th quarter and close the game in a postion for the dub

  8. Terrible game from everyone but you guys aren’t going to talk about Bam getting owned by Cat? After Ethan saying jimmy was right about Cat? If he was right about Cat then what does this game say about Bam??

  9. All I could say about the Robinson situation is we're lucky we have Oladipo coming back soon. Duncan could easily be traded because he's a sniper other teams would look at the situation and say now is my time to get a sniper for cheap.
    "Buy low sell high" would be their mindset

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