LIVE X's & Omar: Miami Dolphins week 12 preview against the Carolina Panthers

LIVE: Miami Dolphins week 12 preview against the Carolina Panthers at 12:00 p.m. Wednesday with the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly & sports columnist Dave Hyde. Tweet questions to #XOmar. Ask, chat & watch.

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  1. I personally don’t want Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson …. why do people always want other teams hand me downs? I want our own franchise QB NOT another teams VERY used condom. But when you possibly have one you gotta give him more than a season and you can’t have a bunch of INCONSISTENT shit around him too.

  2. There’s your fake news in action. Deshaun Watson does not have 22 “counts” he has 22 civil lawsuits who answered an ad in the newspaper asking women to pile on in a get rich quick scheme designed to defame a pro football star. Curious how there were no police reports, no rape kits, no arrests, huh? That being said I’m very content with Tua, just get us some decent coaching.

  3. I'm sorry but that comment about "can Tua be a top six QB?" is ridiculous; look at the top Signal Callers in this league: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahommes, Matthew Stafford, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Ryan Tannehill, Joe Burrow… ascending to a top six QB is a stretch considering what Tua has to overcome (including coaching & player availability).

    I mean c'mon man..

    Tua can realistically ascend to a top 12 QB in this league once professional pieces are properly placed around him; we just gotta provide that for him!!!

  4. New England lost against GOOD teams …. beat up on the jets twice, falcons … couple other shit teams and you people act like they’re a 6 ring Super Bowl team with Brady. Smfh

  5. If Flores is retained he will probably have to bring in another OC & OL coach. This will mean the offense & O line will have yet another system to learn.
    This would probably mean another slow start to the next season until everybody gets on the same page. This coach needs to be able to put together a quality staff that will be here for at least a few years cycle to develop a consistency for long term success. This fits & starts approach of changing coaches every year is not working. If Flores is unable or unwilling to put together a quality staff he needs to be shown the door.

  6. Omar stared out by saying we played the jets..Now he's raving over tua..I guess he's tired of people getting on him on social media..You can win maybe 7 wins a year with tua but he won't get you to the big dance..

  7. dave… come on man… due diligence… so stephen ross and anyone with common sense aint committing 40 mill a year to a dude with 22 cases… however… tua had the finger… the ribs… how do yall know they didnt agree on compensation to the texans just in case tua fails miserably and or gets hurt bad… come on man yall spinnin the speculation wheel!

  8. It’s so sad that our media in Miami is so trash. I don’t feel our media support for the team. Tua throws a bomb and Omar is still pushing the narrative that his arm is not strong. And then has an under hand compliment well he has the it factor, this is why fans who don’t really watch the games push such a toxic narrative of tua

  9. I can't believe you are still talking Deshaun Watson. The circumstances of those talks were in an entirely different context. Now that Tua has proven he can play, even behind a terrible offensive line, only fools would think that there's still interest in moving on from him. The Phins are in no way ready to compete and taking on a badly damaged Watson would make them a bigger joke than they already are, constrain their cap, and eat up resources they need to draft more talent. The idea that Tua hasn't shown he deserves another year is just a lazy media narrative because when the team wins you have no negativity to enflame into a bigger story. Shame on you for still bringing this up. Unsubscribed.

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