Emerald Bowl 2008-Cal Golden Bears vs Miami Hurricanes

With audio:


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  1. I can't say I'm a big Nate Longshore fan, but that was one hell of a home game! I remember bringing a flask of whiskey (which I do regularly at all the Giants games) and having a damn good time! Watching this again makes me believe the Detroit Lions will win a few more games this season. GO BEARS and GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. When you show the same play twice….even up to 4 times of course this video is going to be long as fuck. Maybe do a regular highlight film with it only played once and this vid would be 3 minutes long…horrible highlighs CAL

  3. the U will definatley not beat cal this season if they meet again. we are still stacked and by the time bowl season comes, all our true freshman starters will have evolved. summer gavin has had some big shoes to fill considering alex mack graduated and we have one of the elite backs in the ncaa.

  4. cal fans ur team played great but we could have won if our offensive line sucked. our line is below average in talent am not jus sayin dat cuz we lost 2 u guys but our line has been gettin pushed around all season and for the past 3 years. all of our older players suck 2 only our freshmens dis year made great plays so

  5. Thanks ronenlish1 for the awesome video! Great tribute to Nate… He made it count. He has a lot of character after getting hurt last year in Oregon, getting boo'ed, and living through a life under the quarterback microscope. We shouldn't scapegoat anyone for last year…it's all about the team!

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