Driving for the last time, this time around of course, to Miami and then Miami Beach, on I-95 and then I-195.

Miami Skyline in the video.

Music in the video… memories of the ’80s of course.

Det Sonny Crockett came out of retirement:

for a very last mission on the streets of his very beloved town.

Enjoy your FL vacation.


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  1. Always loved your videos Chris ! Your videos made me want to move to south Florida. I ended up in Orange County California where I've made some similar videos to yours for there! Thanks for these great videos !

  2. Hi Joey, most of my cross-country travellings were done BEFORE the gas prices went to the roof, do it again with today's gas prices, double than the ones before 2008, I don't think it would be very possible.
    My last video around Miami & Miami Beach, didn't wanna leave the area w/o bringing in Det Sonny Crockett to spice-up the video.
    Soon will get to YOUR FL vacation destination, Joey.
    Be safe.

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