Miami Dolphins Offensive Line Week 2 “Highlights” and Analysis

Welcome to South Beach Sports, the home for all of your South Florida sports content. In today’s video, Luke Chaney (@luke_chaney4 on Twitter) breaks down the Miami Dolphins offensive line “highlights,” which struggled mightily in Week 2 against the Buffalo Bills.

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  1. This was a “performance” alright. No one is this bad at this level. Something is afoot. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s REALLY bad news on the horizon.

  2. Flores and Grier can't draft for 💩. We didn't need another WR instead they saw Waddle more valuable than Penei now look, O-line is horrendous. They regret drafting Tua, but to save face they put him behind the worst line hoping he gets injured.

  3. 2:20 You skipped over a play that NEEDS TO BE HIGHLIGHTED! On 3rd down, Tua hits Parker on a 2nd read, when his first read was taken away. It is a quick slant, and Tua puts the ball right on the money, and does it in about 1.5 seconds, to give Miami a big first down, in Bills territory. The play is called back because Austin Jackson is INEXPLICABLY downfield. How does an OT end up illegally downfield on a play where the ball is out Tua's hand in 1.5 seconds? Two plays later, is this play, where Tua gets hurt on 4th down, and Buffalo goes down to take a 14-0 lead.

    The Austin Jackson penalty was, in my opinion, the WORST play on a day of absolutely terrible play by the O-line… it stopped us from potentially tying the game 7-7, and it lead to Tua's injury.

    Kind of ridiculous that you didn't include this play in your video.

  4. Truly disgraceful! And this is not a surprise either! Turnstiles at the coaching position, whiffing on draft picks, FA signings that are so bad, we trade away quickly or pay them MILLIONS to play for other teams!
    I keep hearing how brilliant a GM Chris Grier is? 2019, 2020, four 1st round picks = Christian Wilkins
    Austin Jackson
    Noah Igbinoghene
    Please!!!!! These Whiffs would see most GM's sacked? Tua is Griers only redemption. If Tua fails, Grier will be in Dolphins HOF as another legendary Whiff finder!!! The talent the Dolphins have passed on in O Line men is staggering!
    How can we ever evaluate Tua if he always has to pass in under two seconds?
    This O line will bring this regime to a premature end at the Dolphins? Grier and Flores have failed to heed the warning signs! Let's see them try and ignore this performance!!!!
    Phins Up 🐬

  5. I know that the OL was garbage, that Tua only played for 2 possessions, and that both QBs were under pressure all day and left running for their lives, but it was all Tua’s fault nonetheless… 🥴🤢🤮

    *I’m being sarcastic, I really don’t think it’s Tua’s fault, but the Tua-haters are out in force online today. Ugh.

  6. my fins are the worst team in the nfl. only team to get shut out this week. i hope Tua is done this year and we sign a real qb. i hope we get a qb who wins games for us instead of trying not to lose them. and please let him be more the 6'3 with a strong arm and a lot more accurate then Trashy Tua

  7. When a QB calls out a Blitz and the o-Line is that STOOPID, ya gotta ask yourself…………another Andrew Luck possibility???? The Dolphins need 2 things. An INTENSE o-line Coach that will get in their faces and someone, just anyone, that will step up and take the blame for STOOPID SH*T like that. Be a Man and MAN THE FU*K UP.

  8. I was there. The short amount of time that Tua played, he never had a clean pocket. He even pointed the blitz out a couple of times. They just flat stink. It is much more obvious when you see them play live. We are in trouble.

  9. That play where Tua calls out the corner blitz is really frustrating. It's like Brown was just straight up not paying attention. I feel like this will unfairly add fuel to the Tua skeptics. It's not his fault Jesse Davis was covering his blindside.

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