Floyd Mayweather Jr. Buys $7.7 Million Miami House with Cash

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. ranks among the highest paid athletes in the world and has flaunted his earnings in cars, jets, court-side seats, and million-dollar watches. Go ahead and add another home to the list of extravagant purchases. According to the LA Times, Money Mayweather recently purchased a Miami Beach home for a cool $7.7 million… in cash.

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  1. true send that money to the poor in africa for medical and food…This other morons didn't understand the first comment…They must also be selfish rich themselves… They didn't get the point it's not worth it to them.

  2. to be rich is not forbidden in the religion but the question is what are you doing with all that money if you are helping the poors that's good but if you using your money in betting and nightlife and women, alcohol and all that stuff then you will burn with all that money in the Hell. the life is short so do good deeds before its too late. im not talking only about floyd but everyone especially oilsheiks!!

  3. You jealous haters are still making tired ass jokes about his reading, despite the fact 50 already disproved it not to be true, but I guess facts don't matter to you all. Instead on praying on peoples downfall, you should be too busy tending to your own grass to notice others our greener.

    Don't hate let it motivate!

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