That Escalated Quickly ! Boat Ramp Boater Rages and Pays Dearly !

Presents Ready set go! Did we just hear the Jerry Springer bell? Fight at the boat today at BlackPoint Marina and it was heated! Fred the Croc showed up then died its a funny Chit Show to say the least.

Get a drink cause todays Chit Show is Special. An invisible sucker punch that came out of know where had everyone wondering. This one is a classic so if you like boat ramp fails and boat ramp Chit Show youll love todays video.

My name is Alfred Montaner Host of the Chit Show in Miami


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  1. every single one of these boaters is a moron. you drop a person at the doc to retrieve the truck trailer while the boat putts around until the the trailer is in the water THEN you pull in.

  2. its so disrespectful to be deflating your floats in stuff at the ramp , sunday I was pulling my boat out and the guy next to me was standing in the water installing his fish finder ?!?!?! , have your Chit together on launch and retrieval , launching a boat should only take 1-3 minutes tops

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