"My DREAM Home!" New Dolphins WR Jaylen Waddle Shops For MANSIONS In Miami!

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Jaylen Waddle is house hunting in SOUTH BEACH! The Rookie WR for the Dolphin is looking for a new crib in his new city. In Miami, theres PLENTY of gorgeous spots to choose from, but which one will Jaylen CHOOSE!?

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  1. I think year 1, I'd just rent an apartment. Don't assume you'll have a long enough career for another contract and don't assume you'll stay in the same city for long.

  2. He should not be buying a house right now. Rent a place and buy where he actually wants to live. This is why Pro Athletes go broke is because they make silly purchases.

  3. He thinks about finance a lot but he did all this on his first NFL contract? Don't get me wrong I hope he has a very long NFL career but we have seen guys blow out the ACL and end up broke.

  4. This what im talking about. Dude looks at mansions in the 1 or 2 mill. Running back from Steelers out here buying a 5 mil condo. DUDE! Your a RB. Thats gonna be half your next contract

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