Private Jet Flight NY To Miami!

Twin & Turbine Article:

Hope you all Enjoy the video! Thanks again for watching.


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  1. I was a USAF flight instructor. All throughout this video the pilot never turned his head. I suspect his eyes were glued to the panel despite being in VFR conditions. Under those conditions the pilot should be clearing the airspace routinely. I would have given him an unsatisfactory and grounded him for a day or two.

  2. Great video Max ! I wished i was able to meet with you at oshkosh this year…. a lot going on buddy … as always thanks for sharing your videos…. if you are ever in orlando let me know, would love to take you up in the Yes strap on that seat belt 😉 CYA

  3. Is it feasible for your team, Max, to upgrade again (I read that well written article)… from the cj3 to the PC24? Look at the numbers and it could make sense. That's y'all business; I'm a pilot and subjectively speaking it's likely the PC24 can benefit your mission. Merely my 2 cents only.

  4. HEard you taking off on the LIVE FEED AT AIRVENTURE OSHKOSH 2021 the other day, (wait, yesterday? friday?? I think it was yesterday hummm was it THRUS?? oh well… THE OTHER DAY… I said ''THAT SOUNDS LIKE CITATIONMAX !!!'' someone replied ''IT WAS'' 🙂

  5. It's always nice to ride along with you. That thunderstorm anvil over Florida was really cool looking. Thanks for sharing this and bringing me along with you. Blessings to you and your family Max. I hope you have a wonderful time at Oshkosh 😁

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