Phil Collins – Against All Odds – March 11, 2016 – Miami, FL Little Dreams Foundation Gala

Phil Collins – Against All Odds – March 11, 2016 – Miami, FL at the Little Dreams Foundation Gala at the Jackie Gleason Fillmore Theater

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  1. Sentendolo cantare mi sono commosso! Una versione di Against All Odds bellissima, cantata col cuore…bentornato Phil, e grazie di nuovo per avermi emozionato ancora una volta!

  2. Your my absolute favorite music artist of all time. God Bless you for the years of enjoyment you have bestowed me. My all time favorite song by you and Genesis was Carpet Crawlers. That song still revs me up.

  3. I been playing Phil's music now 4 over 30yrs he is no doubt my favorite singer l know he has health problems l hope 2 c him on tour 1 last time he still can sing at 65 wish him the best he's 1 of the best no doubt u go phil

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