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Happy Saturday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Are you counting down the days for summer holidays? Well I have been traveling a lot again which I am very grateful for! Most of the trips have been work trips.

I realized that in the last 6 weeks , I have been in LA for only 5 days!!! I feel it has been all a little hectic but I wanna take you guys with me as much as possible so decided to vlog some of my travels to Miami and NYC.

I am gonna be honest, I really missed the city! I had a modeling shoot and a lots of meetings all over town. In between I was able to show you a little of my routines when it comes to workouts, getting ready, what I eat and my favorite spots around! I always find it hard to stick to routines while traveling so would love to hear your key tips on this? I will share mine:

1. Do a workout in the morning to start the day because especially on the road its harder to implement this later.
2. Prep your food, bring lots of snack and do research before you visit a place on healthy food spots!
3. ENJOY!! Sometimes during travel you can’t completely stick to your routine and that is fine. Letting go and enjoying the moments are important too.

What is your ultimate travel tip?

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the video!

Big hugs,


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  1. 今度は2がつに会えるね。ティーンスティんひーはーやろう。明日はないよ。次の日も家行くってか、毎日岡山倉敷町行くからね。その時やろう。いたすみかより

  2. すみちゃんはこうきの家系だよ。昨日はふったけど、またもう一度やり直そう。一からマックしよう。最後はまあちゃんの家系で、終わりね。

  3. I love seeing what you saw, and how you felt about this so what you did. Im always learning many from your video and it's so fun for me!
    Your name "SV" in youe gown is so coolll hehe

  4. Hi Sanne I'm an artist from Philippines. Just want you to know I'm a big fan and I'm planning to paint you a self portrait and give it to you as a gift. Much love from Philippines!

  5. Love these weekly vlogs! How are you feeling with traveling so much more all of a sudden? My body isn't used to the stress & anxiety of it all. It's nice that you get to have Jessie with you!
    It is fun to dress up again though – Zimmermann & Jacquemus are my favorites right now!
    Also falling on a treadmill at Barry's = new fear unlocked

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