Would the Miami Dolphins really trade for Aaron Rogers?

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  1. I like Rodgers, but he's not going to Miami. The Dolphins are really no better off than GB at this point. Still too many questions on this team.

  2. Packers have been to the nfc championship two years in a row he already has the team he needs to win and playing for Miami doesn't guarantee SB you dolphin fans need to stop begging for Rodgers and Watson just give tua a little time

  3. Lol a quarterback that breaks records n was potentially 1st round pik ..n u say u don't see superstar in him lol where ya eyes at ? A simple fan of football could see that

  4. I'll never believe we get Rogers but if they did I would be ALL IN! We would be contenders immediately… Been watching since 85 and I'm dying to even see us PLAY in one… Common! It's time.. Let's go! Just get him.. Fin a way!

  5. TD, I have a screen shot of you jumpin' for joy when Tua was put in last season..! Now, You tryin' to say_you wanna put the season in Rodgers hands over Tua's, is that what you are sayin?

  6. It's not just Tua that has to step it up it really and truely is the Oline and the Dline. With both lines (trenches) we'll have the running game and our linebackers will be able to shoot through the gaps to stop the run and we already have the passing defense in place. Are we a super Bowl team not sure playoffs for sure and that's with Tua there as our QB1. Watson has won 1 playoff game out of 3 trips and played 53 games in his career 28-25 with having one of the best Olines in football and receivers. Rodgers was on a team that was already built for Farve and that the Oline,Receivers,and running back that's why he went to the Super Bowl and won and that's why Rodgers and Watson are top 5 QBs. The Dolphins drafted Tua and knew the Oline was being rebuilt and the running game would need work. Tua put up numbers the AFC East hasn't seen in 10 years that's with a hurt hip and inserted in 9 games with less pass attempts than Burrow and Herbert. Common people wake up. Tua is the QB it's the Oline that we all have to be concerned about. I'm not concerned about Tua this year because he has the weapons but the Oline is my BIGGEST concern. We must be patient because I believe if our Oline and Dline play well this season our team will go places serious places but our Oline and Dline don't produce then it's going to be bad and NO QB will fix that because it's in the trenches (O-line, D-line). I dont care how good the QB scrambles or how strong of an arm they have in the trenches dont get it done that's where Super Bowl teams are born is in the trenches on BOTH sides of the ball. Can't wait for next week to see what we have when the pads go on. That's when we'll see what we have. That's the real test starts real hitting and real practicing happens fans then will see what we have. The Oline makes me concerned the most. Remember we have to be consistent with success not spotty

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