Residents of condemned condo building in North Miami Beach remove their belongings

After hundreds of residents were told to leave their homes at Crestview Towers in North Miami Beach earlier this month because it was deemed unsafe, they are being let back inside Wednesday to fully move out their belongings if they wish.


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  1. The life span of a concrete building is forty years. Condo owners have title to a defined geometric space in the sky. After paying for the condo in thirty-five years time that they will have a solid asset to pass on to their descendants for several generations is sheer delusion.

  2. this is all interesting these buildings were built to Code and if Maintained would be safe today Some one just took the money and now there is a bigger problem
    and some one has Cheated them just right i smell a good Lawsuit

  3. So that one gal wants to go in to get her belongings, but at the same time is worried that the building could come down "at any moment" like the other one did. Hmmm, that's interesting logic there

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