Phil Neville LAMENTS Inter Miami not being a team after RECORD 5-0 loss vs. New England Revolution

The postgame press conference from Inter Miami head coach Phil Neville following a 5-0 loss vs. the New England Revolution on July 21, 2021.



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  1. I do feel Coach Neville has so much he can give this Club but better suited to provide wisdom and life skills to the Academy – this set of players was just unsuited to begin with for lack of chemistry/style of play

  2. Sack this Joke of a manager. Absolute Trash. That's a good first step. You clearly have neither the pedigree nor the experience to lead a professional team because all the times you try you don't get renewed because YOU SUCK. Beckham make the damn call and don't ever try this tomfoolery again!

  3. Very standard answers.. stuff you'd expect from a loss like this.. but pretty soon, if the Miami Hurricanes and Dolphins fan bases are anything to go on, we are going to ask for this guys head. And you can feel the tension bro I was there again at this game and just like the last one I went to we boo'ed them during the game and after the match. Had fans literally singing in Spanish " have them all leave and have not one stay" disappointing

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