Episode 275: 5 Biggest Questions Heading Into Training Camp For The Miami Dolphins + More

Reason takes a look at his 5 biggest questions heading into training camp about the Miami Dolphins, Ryan Fitzpatrick dedicating time to help Tua’s development, Saban’s latest comments about his tenure in Miami, the preseason schedule plus more!

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  1. Reason great show as always. Thank you for your content as well. You had tears coming out of my eyes because you had me laughing so hard with you putting these people in their place. I like seeing you doing that especially towards the people who think their crap doesn't stink. I agreed with you 100% with the offensive line and Defensive line are very important this year. With the depth this year at defensive line I believe they are going to use the Defensive line as "offensive linemen" making holes for the linebackers to shoot through to stop the run. I also agree with you on Baker as well 100%. I'm really concerned with our Oline the most even though I believe both dline and oline is what's going to matter most this year. Would love to see Davis step it up another notch this season at NT. That would be great for our defense.
    I dont think Jesse Davis will beat out McKindley unless it's because of his weight that's the only thing but McKindley I think is a leader on the offense due to him making the left side of oline improve and right side was good he was better on the left side. Liked when you said to put Hunt at Guard made sense to me. I'm concerned at Center that middle of the offense is my concern and so is Jackson once he got exposed he never corrected that weakness and again you hit that right on with his weakness. These players have to correct their weaknesses other wise we're going to be in trouble. Anyways thank you again Reason and see you tomorrow night. Appoligize wasnt there tonight. I had dinner and fell asleep shortly after in front of the TV. Busy day. lol. Have a great and safe night/morning you and your family. Thank you again

  2. From what Tua did last season @60% health. I can’t wait to see he’s mind given he’s body can now back he’s instinct ..

    Get Watson for all Flo wants but I’m sure we’re going to see a worse scenario then Brees if Tua is traded

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