Barstool Pizza Review – Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza (Miami, FL) With Special Guest Dave Grutman

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  1. I had this pizza last night and it was fucking amazing…Blocks pizza on the beach was trash. That's why I don't go by other peoples opinions.

  2. I'm from Miami. Born and raised. First off, fuck art basil. Lol. Best part about it, all the graffiti artist come out and redo all the murals. Second, you should've gotten the new Yorker pizza. Much better than the andiamo. Kind of sad you didn't check oit Soy e pomadoro. 2 guys from Italy opened it up and it has some amazing food. Don't get twisted though, I'm right in line with the way you feel about pizza.

  3. @BarstoolPrez

    Guidos pizza haven in chesterland Ohio

    Capos geneva on the lake ( summer time only )

    Capos 2 ( year round ) geneva Ohio

    Pizza roto Madison ohio

    Joey's chardon ohio

    Karen's holiday madison ohio

  4. Does anybody else seriously give a shit about the celebrities that he brings on as guest reviewers ? Unless they’re experts on pizza and have some depth to contribute to the review, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

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