Metro Mover Miami Florida Transit System

This is a video I made of Downtown Miami Florida Metro Mover Monorail Transit System.


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  1. It connects to the Metro-Train that is not free.  This is only for loops around downtown, Omni area for the Museums and the Financial section in Brickell within the city. They are planing to expand it to Miami Beach.  Take this to Brickell City Centre Mall its great.  It leaves you on the door steps.

  2. The downtown Metro mover is free ever since the citizens of Miami-Dade county passed a half cent sales tax in 2002 solely for transportation that pays for the costs to operate & maintain the system. The system is actually 4.8 miles long and carries about 30,000 people every day.

  3. I kind of wish they would charge for the Metromover again, its not like 25 cents was a big deal. With it being free all manner of people can get on and at certain times the trains feel unsafe, particularly at night where I don't feel comfortable riding unless there's a security officer on board.
    Plus, charging a fee would probably give the city *some* incentive to expand the system, particularly to South Beach where the mover is small enough to work as opposed to the Metrorail being too big.

  4. Where's all the seats..? Or is seating limited to the first few along the front of the car..?

    In a VHS video shot by a friend in 1993, the People Mover's had regular transit seating..

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