Miami Condo Collapse: Where's Security Camera Videos? 911 Calls?

In this video, your host Jeff Ostroff analyses 2 videos of exclusive inside the parking garage of the Champlain Towers South, site of the Miami Condo collapse and gives you a frame by frame explanation of what yu are seeing, and all the damage on the ceilings, and water leaks on the floors. How does it all lead to the final collapse of the building? Watch our root cause and failure analysis to determine how the Champlain Towers South Condo building collapsed on Jun 24, 2021.

This condo collapse analysis shows where all the leaking and damaged areas are in the garage, and plots them on the garage parking map for you see where the danger zone was located. One video was recorded in July 2020, a year before the collapse by a prospective buyer of unit 611 in the condo building, and searched the garage for the assigned parking space #17. Another video was recorded in 2018 by Raysa Rodriguez, a resident concerned over the pooling water on the garage floor. We also show you video just moments before the now infamous Miami Condo Collapse.

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The Champlain Towers South condo complex collapse was located at 8777 Collins Ave. in Surfside, FL, which is just north of Miami beach.

๐Ÿ“บ WATCH: Here’s Cause Of Miami Condo Collapse Champlain Condo Towers, Surfside

๐Ÿ“บ WATCH: “Miami Condo Collapse 4K Video From Street What News WON’T Show!”

๐Ÿ“บ WATCH: “More On Miami Condo Collapse Live From Street You Won’t Believe Scene”


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  1. It fell do to the lack of rebar. I have work on many concrete structures. The proof is in the pudding. I saw another video where you could see column #72 and there was only 2 pieces of rebar holding the pool deck up on the column.

  2. There might not be as many 911 calls as one would think since most of victims were asleep anyway. The few 911 calls I've heard so far did not fully realize what was happening.

  3. Jeff, apparently you have a BSEE, but you are not a registered Engineer or have any structural engineer training. Are you qualified to blame the Architect, Structural Engineer or General Contractor? Clearly a lack of building maintenance is the cause of this tragedy. You do have some good points but your video titles says Click Bait. Are you actually qualified for this?

  4. Im not an engineer, but I was born and raised in Florida and the first thing that I found strange was that it had a basement parking garage, especially 700 feet from the ocean.
    As far as I knew we have no basements in Florida due to the ground itself being at or damn near sea level. First basement I ever saw was in Tennessee because Florida doesn't have basements.
    You go to the beach, dig a hole in the sand just a few inches deep and it rapidly fills with water because its at sea level. So I'm astonished that the walls were able to support an underground parking garage without sea water seeping through or eroding the outside of the wall that is in constant contact with the salt water.

    My hearts go out the people who lived there and the familes, friends who have lost lived ones in the collapse. You're in my prayers.

  5. Either: "The VCR was in suite 101 and it now buried" or "Those security cameras were fake, real camera's cost money but offer the same level of deterrent."

  6. Thanks Jeff for the Great Video you are so good at letting people know what you think about that building COLLAPSE in FLORIDA Yes you are correct Where is the Security person to talk and see if that person knew anything or saw anything that related to the Condo Collapse plus the Videos were are they as this could definitely Hold the CLUE TO THE CONDO COLLAPSE IN FLORIDA.As the Survivors and the People who passed away their Family's and ALL THE RESPONDERS AND POLICE FIREBRIGADE AND THE WHOLE WORLD ARE WAITING FOR HOW THIS BEAUTIFULL BUILDING CONDO COLLAPSED.DO you think he may have Died in the Collapse or he saw what happened and got out ??Very Interesting were was that Security person and the Video and the SECURITY may hold the Key to What was SEEN.THESE PEOPLE THAT SURVIVED AND LIVED THRU THIS TERRIBLE TRAGEDY OF THE BUILDING COLLAPSE AND THEY NEED ANSWERS IT WAS SOMEONES HOME.They have been given a second Chanse to live so PLEASE FIND THE ANSERS FOR THEM SO THEY CAN MOVE FORWARD.๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜˜

  7. The video is not stored by the cameras themselves, it would be saving to a server somewhere in an instrument room, most likely under tons of rubble.

    If the building was collapsing the security guard was most likely getting the hell out of there, not being a dead hero.

  8. What I notice about the pool deck is if that water is pooling , that says there are low spots ..check out the photos of the deck. The floor has rises and falls . When they lay tiles the floor is screeded with a thin layer of cement to level it as they lay the tiles ..

  9. Simple, a pool should not be built over a garage or anything else. It should be built on the side underground with nothing under. That colapse was caused by negligence.

  10. There so many questions that need to be answered and the surviving members and the families of the deceased residents need to have those answers N-O-W! Unfortunately, we may not hear those answers for another ten or fifteen years when we have moved on with our lives and forgotten the entire episode. When we do the answers, finally, our memories will have a wake-up call to the past, catastrophic event. Perhaps we won't be told of anything.

  11. I wonder if the security guard if he would have turned the fire alarms on maybe people would have had time to get out it's so sad that something like this happened this should never happen to any kind of condo or any kind of building

  12. Planter probably had automatic watering if the valve or timer was faulty water wood keep running , thatโ€™s why there was water by the cone next to the column causing rebar in the column rot

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