Miami's Mayor Suarez calls for US to intervene in Cuba

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez joined ‘Varney & Co.’ with calls for the U.S. to intervene in Cuban affairs following large protests against the Communist regime. 

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  1. Has the "Mayor" of the City of Miami, Florida, even considered the fact, that the country of Cuba is, since 1945, one of the original members of the "League of Nations," presently referred as, "the United Nations?

    Under the United Nations Charter, isn't the nation of Cuba, also protected by the international laws of such Charter?

    Is the "Mayor," truly prepared for the loss of lives, and the flow of blood on the cuban soil, during such U.S. military intervention in Cuba, if it would even happen?

    May I suggest to him, to read the book, "War is a Racket." It would definitely enlighten his mind, about the purpose of any military operations.

    Isn't he also aware of the previous U.S. occupations of Cuba, and their end results?

    Ironically, how can he, as an elected official of the United States, be publicly advocating for a U.S. military intervention of a sovereign country, to satisfy his desire?

    It is so ironic, as the US government is withdrawing its presence from Afghanistan, after a 20-year war there, which is also happening during the 87th year anniversary, of the end of the U.S. unprovoked invasion, and occupation of Haiti, for 19 continuous years, (July 1915-Aug 1934,) the "Mayor " of the City of Miami, Florida, is now advocating for the "Biden Administration," to militarily intervene in Cuba, to satisfy his desire for a "Cuba Libre," a (free Cuba.
    The grass is not always greener on the other side."

  2. The people aren’t protesting about food, vaccines or resources (basics they need that they don’t have). They are protesting about their freedom. The Cuban government cut all the internet and electricity on the island because they don’t want the outside world to see what they are doing to the people. The government is gunning down unarmed protesters and taking underaged kids from their homes, to force them to fight for the regime. Cuba also has always been a haven for Latin American cartels to transport their drugs into the US. This has been happening ever since Castro came into power. The embargo should not be removed and tougher sanctions should be placed. The Cuban government blames all their problems on the embargo. The only people who where negatively affected by the embargo was the Cuban regime, not the people. I could go on and on talking about the most corrupt government in the world, that being the Cuban government. If the rest of the world where to find out what the Cuban regime is doing to their people some country would have to intervene. The Cuban government has not only committing countless crimes against its people but against humanity.

  3. Castro let these gusanos get off too easy. look at them now, advocating for military intervention and war on their ancestral homeland. hope there is a special place in Hell for these traitors.

  4. WTF, invade Cuba? Just after we're about to get out of Afghanistan, let's get into another country. Idiocy. End the embargo and leave them alone. We're not the world police.

  5. People need to understand that it is a communist government, meaning lifting the restrictions would only ensure that the government benefits from lifting the restrictions. The communist government will not give anything to the people. So that does not help the people. Any aid sent to the island would be stolen by the government, just like they stole the aid sent by Trump during the hurricane down in Puerto Rico.

  6. Grrrh! Oh yeah!? Well I’ve got a better idea! ‘The right side of history’ would be the dismemberment of the quasi- 4th Reich USA! Hand Florida over to the African Union! All people of non-African extraction out of it . Compensate slavery once and for all. End Imperialism! Make Mr Pastry ( Bolton) eat pastry till his guts blow up!

  7. Lies lies lies lies lies! Miami right-wing boat people want to starve their own Cuban people back on the island. It's vicious, greedy, traitorous, and despicable!!!

  8. I just got back from Cuba 2 days. I know many Cubans who tested negative the day before their corona vaccination and a few hours after the vaccination they were all positive. My Cuban wife too. The exploding Covid 19 positive numbers in Cuba come exclusively from the spike protein that is in these lethal syringes. This, in turn, is used by the Cuban government as an opportunity for new lockdowns, supermarket closings and similar measures. It's incredible. It is no wonder what is happening there now.

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