Residents can briefly grab items from evacuated North Miami Beach condo

A police investigation is being launched into the Crestview Towers, which have been deemed unsafe for residents.


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  1. You can do a lot in 15 minutes. My suitcase is in my closet and I'd take: passport, laptop, important documents, prescriptions, some toiletries, then all the clothes and shoes I could fit. Of course my dog would already be out of there. Also, if they do repairs they will be able to move back in so it's not like they are losing their things forever. I once had to live in a hotel for 6 weeks when I had my 1 bathroom remodeled (it was gutted and most of the delays were waiting for the building inspector) and it taught me I don't need most of what I have.

  2. An Investigation into residents being forced to evacuate but no criminal investigation into why the Champlain Towers collapsed? Corrupt & rotten to the core

  3. HOA = waste of money. Skip the condos and go with single family homes not in an HOA. Live life under your control. After 40 years of living in a condo and going to dysfunctional meetings, I now enjoy living in a home without the ineptness and infighting in a condo board.

  4. As far as I know they have not declared the condo ready to fall to the ground so people need the time to get their belongings out so they don’t lose every damn thing! The other building that was just demolished the engineers had said it was more structurally sound than the one that collapsed but they demolished it so they could search for more bodies – There was absolutely no reason that those people couldn’t have gotten every bit of their stuff out of that condo before they demolished it.

  5. According to the date on this inspection @ 1:22 the date was 1-11-2021 and at that time the building was determined to be Not Safe Structurally and Electrically.
    Question is, "Why wait in 7 months to notify the persons living there and evacuate the building now?

  6. What on earth do these condo boards do with all those over priced HOA fees? How do buildings get this bad? Why doesn't the condo association do any maintenance? Common sense knows that salt water/air rusts metal. At least these ppl here had a warning.😢😢🤔🤔🤨

  7. It’s a huge inconvenience but I’m so thankful that the evacuation may have saved their lives. …And those dear Champlain neighbors have not died in vain. ✝️♥️🕊

  8. If I were then if take friends, relatives etc up they're with me with prior instructions of what to grab. Make sure you have suitcases, plastic bags double or tripled layer so the bag doesn't break open to get as many items as needed. Designate a person for bathroom towels, toothbrush,makeup deodorant etc. Kitchen put silverware, pots pans in suitcase and use bath towels between them. Get important paperwork, sentimental items, shoes,clothes,. Depending on f for that you're in you could take rope, attach to items and lower it to the ground? Depends on your balcony. Or just throw it off balcony ( make sure no one is below) like linens, clothes. Then take the rest downstairs:) Make sure if you pick up items no one is throwing anything from above:)

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