Breaking neck in Miami ! Chit Show Memorial Weekend ! (South Beach)

Chit Show on South Beach is on Fire ! Memorial weekend this Friday on Ocean drive was lit ! Lots of visitors and police presence all over South Beach for the long Memorial Weekend. My name is Alfred Montaner host of the Chit Show and today we walk Ocean Drive and Miami Beach to see the Vibe.

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Chit chow Miami Beach Alfred Montaner


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  1. As long as you don't gamble all your money,you can have a much better experience in Las Vegas.Also the police are more chilled there.The Vegas strip is better suited for walking and the car traffic is better separated from the pedestrians. You can get more hotel for your money on the LV strip because everywhere there are beaches rooms go up too high during the season.

  2. Hey Alfred! I’ve been watching your boat series for a bit now and that’s really good but I gotta say, you should do more of these type of videos showing the Miami night life!
    Have a good one

  3. You never have to worrying about me carrying a weapon in South Beach because I’ll never go there. I love Florida but South Beach is too out-o-control and cops NEVER protect you. They simply respond after the fact.

  4. Miami is extremely over-Policed just like the rest of the USA. Folks we need COPS but we have about 5 times too many.

    Do you guys know that all Police Dept’s have grown about 600% since 911? We all got a little scared and allowed the Gov run wild. It’s time to reel that chit back in but NOT abolish.

  5. 🅶🆁🅴🅰🆃 🆅🅸🅳🅴🅾……..
    Wow, grew up in Hialeah back in the 70's and every once in a while we would skip school to spend the day at the beach. That was back before they hyped up South Beach and when the majority there was overweight pale skinned tourist.

  6. 11:27, Girls sitting down thought you were insulting them! Going to be on the "Chit Show", prolly not what they heard…LOL.. Maybe, change the name to MONTANER'S MIAMI, Million subs guaranteed! Subbed,and always a thumbs up!

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