Gustavo Kuerten vs Pete Sampras: Classic Tennis Highlights | Miami 2000 Final

Brazil’s Gustavo Kuerten and USA’s Pete Sampras delivered a classic Miami final in 2000…Subscribe to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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  1. Kuerten was really good, his backhand was accurate and the shots perfect, but Pistol Pete was more experienced. Nowadays watching several games on Youtube, I see that Guga was much better than I thought. What a game

  2. if you read between the balls, you can see a dying style of tennis(sampras) and an immerging style of tennis…passing shots and baseline with power…

  3. As beautiful and smooth as gugas game was on clay and later on hardcourts (Cincy, ATP Finals), I can't respect his achievements as much as Borg's because the latter adapted to wimbledons fast grass and won the French + Wimbledon back to back three times. Not just that he reached three US open finals on hard too. Guga threw a hissy fit about wimbledons grass instead of adapting. That is the difference. Even players like Becker, pete, Edberg, stich reached the FO Semis or finals. Sorry, but those are the facts.

  4. After Sampras had his ruptured disks in his back in 1999 he tried to serve and volley every point and couldn't bind over on most of the volleys like the years before. Good match

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