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We decided to visit the former Versace Mansion on Miami Beach (Ocean Drive) and grab some lunch at the restaurant inside called “Gianni’s at the Villa”. They have a great and affordable deal for lunch that is $29 for a three-course meal, including appetizer, entree, and dessert.

For the appetizer we had the “flash fried shrimp” and the “burrata” from the lunch menu and both we excellent. For our entrees we chose the “Chicken Scallopini” and the “Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli” and they were both great delicious choices! For dessert we tried the mango sorbet and the chef’s special which was a brownie. Overall, from the food to the service to the atmosphere was an incredible experience and definitely worth checking out if you are in the Miami Beach area!

“The Villa was originally built in 1930 by the architect, author, and philanthropist, Alden Freeman. Mr. Freeman was the heir to the Standard Oil fortune.
In 1992, The Villa was purchased by the famous Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace. Today the Villa operates as a luxury boutique hotel, restaurant and event venue.

Gianni’s offers a delicious blend of Italian Mediterranean food and wine selections,
served in a one-of-a kind historic setting.
The stunning atmosphere of Gianni’s as night in the former Versace Mansion rivals the best locales in the world to dine. In the history-steeped dining room, or under the stars poolside, Gianni’s offers a wonderful, unique luxurious experience.
The stunning atmosphere of Gianni’s as night in the former Versace Mansion rivals the best locales in the world to dine. In the history-steeped dining room, or under the stars poolside, Gianni’s offers a wonderful, unique luxurious experience.”

Gianni’s Restaurant is open for Lunch Monday –Sunday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Dinner Sunday–Thursday 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Dinner Friday and Saturday 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Reservation: + 1-305-908-1462


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  1. I have lived in Miami almost my entire life. The Versace mansion is gorgeous but be careful on Ocean Drive! It’s become super dangerous and ghetto. Especially at night and on Memorial weekend.

  2. I’ve had the privilege of staying at the Versace mansion twice and it is breathtaking. The rooms are absolutely beautiful, so regal and elegant. I stayed in the Villa suite which was Gianna’s actual bedroom and the Medallion Suite which was designed for Gianna’s good friend Elton John. Also you are correct about the pool, it is only open to the guests staying there.

  3. Thanks for the info, curious to know, is there a dress code for the restaurant?? planning to go in May for lunch as well, and how much can you tour around when you are only at the restaurant? Thanks!

  4. Amazing architecture and decor in the restaurant. Sounds like lunch is the way to go when eating there. Glad it turned out to be enjoyable for you two. The rates for this weekend are $1000 per night there. Hope you do get the whole bottle of oil if you stay there. 😆Cheers! ~ Kevin

  5. This place looks so gorgeous! 29.00 is a great price for a lunch prixe fix menu at a mansion! All the food looks good too! Haha, I thought it must be mango 😂! Love the music you chose! It would definitely be a nice staycation to stay in one of those rooms! When you talk about the pool- is that the pool that your table was overlooking? Were people swimming there while you ate?

  6. Take the oil!!! Shrimp looks good.

    Wait, is that a giant piece of mozzarella???

    Borata? That’s fun to say… bo-ra-ta!

    Small desserts. What is that? A dessert for ants??? It would take three of those desserts to equal a real dessert. The music is super relaxing.

    Ohhh!!! Burrata! Still fun to say… possibly more fun!

    Versace was the video game guys right? Love tiramisu! Do you guys have a discount code I can use if I go? That place is pricey! I wanna stay in the mansion! Super fun dudes!!!

  7. Looks awesome guys, loved this , Miami looks lovely with the architecture, have you both always lived here? Wow this place is fancy and beautiful 🤩 $29 is good price, so pretty there

  8. Wow! This place is absolutely stunning!! The pricing really is pretty reasonable for a 3-course meal! And everything looked yummy! Really interesting to see, and lunch seemed like a beautiful time to visit to be able to see everything during the day. Maybe one day they will comp you guys a night!! I bet it’s a beautiful spot to stay, but sounds expensive!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful spot!

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