Boat Ramp Launches Live ! (BlackPoint Marina Miami)

Live from Miami its Alfred Montaner

Today we are watching on the World Famous Ocean Drive in Miami Beach !!

My name is Alfred Montaner Host of the Chit Show

Comment below your Thoughts !

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Miami Beach Ocean Drive

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  1. Folks I know everybody disses Geico insurance but I got it cheap on my brand new 2021 Harris Tritoon and it came with TowBoatUS. That’s awesome! I didn’t even know until I got my insurance papers

  2. No the big ass wide tires with little imprint on the ground i e low TV foot per square inch so when they back it down the ramp with slimy service they're not putting a footprint they're putting a very low friction point on the surface on the road it's high friction point but in slime it's low friction point so they sink on a regular basis

  3. I can't help saying that I have never seen so many boaters dragging their feet at the ramps. . Have your boat loaded before you back down the ramp. What are you thinking, you are not special. We used to call it common sense and courtesy.

  4. C'mon fredo, u know all those fights are fixed. They pick a winner and how much they're both gonna make then put on a semi decent show…thos trucks with tires like that are morons and those wheels destroy bearings like crazy. i just shake my head when customers call me i'm like, i already know whats comin…

  5. TOYOTA TUNDRA SR5 4×4 will tow them all away…..
    Those big wheels are useless. The high tire pressure with small amount of rubber makes them slick on wet surface and with no sidewall they are useless in any mud. I like real trucks with wheels/tires that will actually perform for something other than being a pavement queen.

  6. Alfred I'm from Grand Rapids Mi. My Dad and I went to the Golden Gloves regularly and watched the Mayweather boys box back in the day at the Civic Auditorium. I always knew he was good never thought world champ! lol

  7. Alfred man you do a great job hosting your show. Other channels I've seen do not keep me interested. No offense but man you can talk and entertain for hours!

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