Wow! She took the TWINS OUT on MEMORIAL WEEKEND | Miami River | @DroneViewHD

Wow! She took the TWINS OUT on MEMORIAL WEEKEND | Miami River | @DroneViewHD

Memorial weekend!! Lots of boats in miami and alot of crazy people out there celebrating the holiday in Miami and you know it gets wild and sometimes out of control. Enjoy this video it’s fun and very relaxing. Don’t forget to like, share and Subscribe is your new to the channel.


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  1. Only boat channel worth watching. Good grief, women on the beaches in Miami are topless (along with most of the rest of the world) I think YouTube can handle it.

  2. I just don't get the raising of the hand and yelling, "yewwwe huwwww". But my God where do these women come from? Amazing. I was waiting for the drunk in pink, bow riding, to go overboard as soon as they hit a wave

  3. Whenever I see this kind of video: All I see riding on these nice boats, and Yachts is a whole lot of people who never give God, or Jesus Christ a second thought as they live their debaucherous lives. They do not ever give a thought as to where their souls will spend eternity after they grow old, and die. It is appointed to EVERY human, one time to die, and after that: The Judgement. I continue to pray for this world, as it slides deeper, and deeper into Sin.

  4. Cdc: Cruise ships can not sail from Miami if they don't follow our protocols of distance for covid, meanwhile, Port of Miami full of yachts packed with Gold diggers!

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