Woman, teen killed in domestic-related shooting in southwest Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade police are investigating a shooting that left three people dead and another three people injured.


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  1. People might call the killer a coward for killing himself……but you have to stand back and realize that he won against his targets and against the world because they will never be able to get justice.

  2. To love in America now you have to stay solo and stay strapped watch out for your surroundings, this is literally how I survived on my on as a women since i was 21 now 33. it's just getting worst

  3. What would change the Energy when the Reporter tells these storys. Even if he said Get your heart in the right place pray go into scripture that helps you battle these demons. Just this media person from Ch10 would manifest a Universal Energy everyone is Responsible we live on this planet together. Man can't do this alone. I believe we are seeing what happens when you Keep the Loving God out of your Daily walk. Plant the seed and God will show change in the Anger we all have put out to the Universe.

  4. Its boils down to I will do whatever i want. Selfish barbaric Behavior. all these things could have been resolved peacefully. No one wants to be held for their accountability. The easy way out is suicide. But they don't realize they will still have to face what they have done. No one will know what that is all about until they take the step this particular person took. meeting our creator. All these soils leaving this Earth. Rapture. Looks like today someone with Hatred and evil mind. There making the decision to end everyone else's life. Say i love you before you head out to your love ones or even a MSG love you thinking of you . most of all get your heart in the right place. We all have that Gift from God🙏 ❤ with in us. its FREE 🙏❤

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