Pennsylvania man arrested for beating Miami Beach hotel manager

The violent assault of a Miami Beach hotel manager has led to a Pennsylvania man’s arrest.


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  1. this is part of a bigger agenda. a pre planned crisis, call it operation jailbreak, to release millions of violent criminals and under charge and under prosecute millions more.
    open you eyes and see the bigger picture. the catch and release tactic is being played out by the prosecutors and judges all over the country.
    and all media is ignoring these events and stories.
    re post and share with everyone.

  2. Pretty easy to see the black man is not a victim. People Miami don't want you to think it's a black and white thing, well it is and it's people like Oprah Winfrey. Kamala Harris who continue to fuel racism

  3. That beating was mostly peaceful- CNN

    Where in the Hotel Policy does it say fists are not a proper method of payment – Chris Cuomo

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