Lionel Messi to Inter Miami a ‘HUGE POSSIBILITY!’ Why there's hope for Messi to MLS | ESPN FC

With Lionel Messi yet to commit to a new contract at Barcelona, speculation about his future is ramping up. David Beckham’s Inter Miami has been rumoured as a possible future move for the Argentine superstar, but can Futbol Americas’ Herculez Gomez and Mauricio Pedroza see Messi to MLS becoming a reality?

0:00 Is Messi to Inter Miami a possibility?
1:08 How a deal for Messi might work
2:09 Would Messi in MLS fuel the ‘retirement league’ fire?

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  1. They have to do the Spanish accent each time they say a Spanish word. Either speak with a Spanish accent or an American accent. Don't do a mix of the two. I hope you understand how annoying you are.

  2. And no Zlatan was and will never be next best to Ronaldo and Messi. That also means i can safely tell Beckham probably can't be considered in the top 50. I don't know if these guys missed out to watch Thierry Henry, Lewandowski, Sanchez, Aguero, Suarez, Benzema, Hazard etc. Not even mentioning Neymar cuz he plays several roles like Messi. Of course Zlatan would come in the top 15 in my opinion and no disagreeing he is truly one of the great strikers ever

  3. It will probably be a mindless decision on Messi's part to go to MLS now when he is still playing at a level arguably above everyone else. With the exception he is really fed up playing in Europe. As a Real Madrid fan, I can relax a bit more if he is not in the opposition team. But football will lose its great ambassador if he is not playing in Europe. Not belittling MLS but purely cuz the quality of MLS is nowhere near to European leagues or CL at least till now. Players like him may not feel too motivated. And precisely that's why even if Messi goes to MLS right away, Ronaldo may also but not anytime soon cuz he is will get sick of sub par competition. Again the motivation will go abegging. Football getting more popular is great for the promoters and of course the young players who can earn a living playing the game. On a lighter note, I just can't seem to accept calling this game "soccer". Nuff said.

  4. mls will remain a retirement league

    imagine what people would say if euro league basketball did the same thing with nba players
    they already mock the guys that go overseas towards the end of their careers

  5. why would messi still one if the top 5 players in the world go to the ls at the top of his game to play for a poverty league, they dont even have the salary cap for his wages. hes not going to lay in the mls

  6. ESPN talking about Messi and MLS is kinda pethetic really.. Complete Idiocy. Not to mention two people with the most punchable face in the world talking about it. STFU

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