Inside a Modern Miami Beach MEGA Mansion | $14.9 MILLION

Inside a Modern Miami Beach MEGA Mansion | $14.9 MILLION

0:00 – Home #1
3:08 – Home #2
6:00 – Home #3
8:07 – Home #4
10:56 – Home #5
13:05 – Home #6

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  1. I’ve noticed there’s a bunch of these mega mansions for sale. Hell, nobody can afford the taxes on em. It cost more to live in one of those houses if you own it than it does to rent a damn nice house . Nobody wants all that space anymore. Everybody is going to smaller homes and places. Tiny houses

  2. The last two were pretty nice The last one reminded me of old money Palm Beach the way it was before the war. The others were glass modernist monstrosities.

  3. Properties 1-4 are ok, but nothing special. I would love to see who purchases number 5, perhaps a robust, mature latin man who is full of life and old stories? Number 6,the most expensive property for an eye-watering $43m was the least unimpressive of them all, very bland but perhaps a hip and inventive interior designer could breath some life into it.

  4. I remember watching them destroy a spanish style mansion that was built for a famous latin and replacing it with one of the first big box mansions. Thought it looked very odd there but now most of the homes are like it. I understand the need for space and modern living but at the same time it's kind of sad.

  5. I'm sorry. I just don't see myself spending $15000000 for the first property in Miami Beach. It's a very nice house, but not worth that much in my humble opinion. Last week LPG showcased a $11.9 M home in Fort Lauderdale. Now that home I can see spending that amount. I wonder how many of these homes were damaged from the storms and hurricanes this past season?

  6. I imagine some awesome sky views, but I'm not a big fan of the house itself. It's kind of ridiculous and seems like my brain couldn't handle it. Not very cozy.
    Edit: I didn't realize there was more than the first one, I guess the same could be said about he other though lol

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