HIGHLIGHTS: Inter Miami CF vs. D.C. United | May 29, 2021

In this Week 6 match up of the 2021 MLS Regular Season, Inter Miami CF host D.C. United.


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  1. Once Losadaball kicks in DC will be dangerous again. This was a prelude of the future. All we need is a few more playmakers (and Edison back from injury) and we might be on the up!

  2. Jajajaja Higuaín se va a estados unidos para jugar tranquilo se topa con el unico club donde usan canciones argentinas para putear jajajajaja xD

  3. Good team starts with the first player on the back. Miami had a good keeper with Robles….not anymore. You can blame defenders, but a good keeper yells and organizes his defence, this is clearly not happening.

  4. Hmm…I saw some empty seats. They'll be more of those when the losses keep piling up. Not to mention, being unable to get some Spice Girl action!
    Also, how many years do you people give before Miami loses ANOTHER soccer team? I give it 10 years before they become the Green Bay Canned Meats!

  5. This is what happens when you give jobs to your friends. Higuain and Shawcross are old and their bodies are shot, they’re at the club for name value and nothing else. MLS is a high paced league played in the summer heat, it kills older players who are no longer fit. We’ve seen it with Gerrard, Lampard etc. And we’re seeing it again now.

    Matuidi is a good player being used terribly by a coach who is out of his depth just like his brother was.

    Miami would’ve done better to fully embrace the Latino heritage on the pitch by recruiting young players from Mexico, South America and the Caribbean who could develop and be sold on for profit. Maybe they’d have gotten lucky and found a group of gems like Atlanta did even. The most important thing is to establish the club as a place of excellence that is hungry for trophies, not a retirement home for Beckham’s mates.

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