Gunfire claims 2 more lives after Miami-Dade drive-by shooting

A man and a woman in a silver BMW were shot dead in Brownsville early Tuesday morning, Miami-Dade police say.


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  1. White supremacy telling the kkk police force do not catch the killers because we need more black on black killing but if they shoot someone white arrest them in 1 hour

  2. What’s going on? Life for some worth nothing; police is kind of lazy and guns for everyone?! All of the above maybe…🙄 Sad that innocent lives have to pay the price.

  3. Every shooting that has occurred in NW Miami the past few days, I've been in all of those areas and have frequented all of those areas one time or another. NW Miami unfortunately is on fire this summer.

  4. You know you're in a bad part of town when you hear roosters crowing in the middle of a city. Miami has turned into a third world country. Full of third world citizens. what more can we expect? Send in LeBron James, he will save everybody with his amazing basketball skills.

  5. I want to invest in "crime scene tape" on my retirement portfolio. That business is doing good in MIA, Chicago, LA,NYC and DC. Sales # are high and will be higher during the next Quarter.

  6. Why doesnt BML protest against Community Violence. Or this black lives doesnt matter to them. It only matters when is a shooting involving a white cop. All races matters. I love Miami and all the people who lives here I dont care about what race or your skin color. There is only one race Human being. This has to stop. Innocent people are dying.

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