What $1500 per Month Gets You in Miami Beach

A few months ago, I saw a video from Shelby Church about what $1500 per month gets you in LA: so I decided to use my knowledge as a realtor and do what $1500 per month gets you in Miami Beach. And I am proud to say, you can definitely get more for your money here in Miami Beach than you can in LA.

And if you stick around for the whole video, not only will I show you how what rentals you can get for this price, but I’ll also show you how you can actually OWN your place for $1500/mo.

A lot of people might not think that this is possible in a place like Miami Beach, but I am happy to share with you that it is, and just exactly how that works out.

The funny thing is, when I first moved to Miami Beach, if you would show me these places for $1500/mo, I would think it is some kind of joke. Literally, these same places I am showing you in this video could have been rented / owned for closer to $1000/mo but prices here over the past 10 years have gone up quite a bit.

But despite these increases in price, it is still relatively affordable compared to other major cities like LA, New York, and San Francisco. Comment below which one of these places you would choose and if it meets or exceeds your expectations of what $1500 gets you in Miami Beach.

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  1. Hey Michael is there still places like the one u showed for sale in that area for that price range. If there is let me know. I would love to see them. Im here in MIami. Thank u brotha

  2. Hey so tell me a little about Marina Del Mar Apartments? in Sunny Isles. I hooked up with a gal there a couple years ago on vacation and as we drove by MDM she said… you don't want to live there! I don't recall what was the reason? but they have done some upgrades on the pool and added a six story parking structure! the rent to me is very affordable. what do you know about this complex? Thanks in advance. Dave

  3. Second place by far. The first place looks like some shit built in the 60s and renovated in the 90s. And on the last place paying over 37 goddamn percent of your monthly just in property taxes and HOA fees ($360 goddamn dollars a month for fucking what it looks like ass) is goddamn ridiculous.

  4. I really liked the second unit that you showed but I would really like to see units that actually included an in unit washer and dryer or a facility with a larger laundry room with multiple machines.

  5. This apartment in Los Angeles would literally be $2,500. I cannot wait to hear back from my company to permanently work from home. Once I get the approval I am moving to Miami. Rent is just too expensive in Los Angeles that I would rather move to another state.

  6. I like the living room to be dark Because that's where I watch most of my TV and that dark lighting goes well with HD picture quality. Please do more videos like this. Also my mind was blown.

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