Breaking News. Miami Dolphins to host joint practices with Atlanta Falcons.

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  1. TD u should have a second channel where you can break down film so that If u get strikes on it it’s not a big deal and u can direct people there while your streaming

  2. Patrick Mahomes just a couple of weeks earlier from the Super bowl TORCHED that SAME Bucs defense for close to 500 yds passing and blew them out and took their feet off the gas by the 3rd quarter. That was able to go down because he had some semblance of his O-line primarily his Pro bowl tackle who protects his blindside, fast forward now to the Superbowl where he had none of his Pro bowl tackles where they were replaced by BACK-UPS and we saw the minute the ball hit his hand they walk through that Practice squad and was all over him as he ran for his life.

    The crazy thing is as they were losing that game the betting books around the Globe still put them as perennial favorites to get back to the Superbowl and win it over everyone including the Bucs( and that was BEFORE the Chiefs Revamp that whole O- Line by putting the best he ever had in front of him). So I wish if TD is going to venture outside of Dolphins football it helps to not be void on FACTS and Context.

  3. TD we know u don't trust Tua…Diggs & Ridley r top notch….TL needs to go out n play…Brady don't need anymore publicity…n thats right u a Watson fan n he ain't got character n he played 4 more years without a superbowl ring n will not win with dolphins…be a man and admitted you don't like Tua…NO TD ITS NOT WISDOM, ITS YOUR IGNORANCE FROM YOUR MOUTH

  4. You say Waller ate everyone up so it wasn’t rowes fault ! Didnt diggs eat everyone up also and you say Noah is trash didn’t give us nothing ??? How is that fair see you always change the narrative for different players Noah was a rookie bruh

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