US: Deadly shooting in Florida’s Miami area, say police

At least two people have died and more than 20 injured in a shooting outside a billiards club in Hialeah in the US state of Florida, Miami-Dade police director Alfredo Ramirez III said in a tweet early on Sunday.
“I am at the scene of another targeted and cowardly act of gun violence, where over 20 victims were shot and 2 have sadly died,” the official said in the tweet.
A white SUV pulled up to the location and three people got out with assault weapons and handguns and started firing into the crowd that was gathered for a concert at the venue, US news channel CNN reported.

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  1. The reporter got it exactly right about what is being done to control gun violence and shootings in America – NOTHING!
    The biggest threat to Americans comes not from terrorists abroad, from Kim Jong Un in North Korea, Al Qaeda and ISIS in the Middle East, from Iran and so on, but from Americans themselves in their own backyard.

  2. If they haven't caught them yet I hope they hunt them down like rabid dogs. As for these shootings being a national embarrassment, I whole heartedly agree but out so called president and his cronies are a HUGE national embarrassment. I stand by the rights of the 2nd amendment EXCEPT for assault weapons. There is NO reason for ANYONE other than military & police to have them. Ban those but leave the rest of our gun rights alone. If the every day citizens who own guns were to unite we'd have a bigger army than our military. Taking away our rights to bear arms because of the actions of some is ridiculous.

  3. All kids from the age of 2 and up should have their own guns (at least 6 each) and be taught to shoot an AK47 BEFORE they learn how to talk… guns are much more important to communicate with each other than words, after all…
    If only that 3 year old girl had her own gun..she could've shot back at her 2 year old brother instead of being shot BY her 2 year old brother…
    If only the 5 and 6 year olds at Sandy Hook had been armed… they could've shot that madman instead of ending up DEAD…
    If only that 6 year old who was shot by a road rager had his own gun, he would've been able to shoot that road rager while his terrified mother was on the phone trying to get the police to come…instead, because he was not armed, he ended up DEAD…
    More guns is DEFINITELY the answer to ending the gun violence. Can't anyone see the logic?

  4. each shooting has different circumstances. The one in Florida has gang ties with rappers. The massage parlor is being misconstrued, that's a religious nut trying to expose a prostitution ring. Now when these stories reach the rest of the world they're molded into something else. Its not a "Mass shooting Problem," its "Social issues" they choose to ignore. Those shootings will turn into serial killings by other methods.

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  6. Some common buzzwords y'all are gonna hear- Our hearts go out to the families; the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun…; we need to pass a gun reform.

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  8. U.S, is the most dangerous place in the world. A country of guns and gangesters where the price of the gun is more worthy than the life of the citizen. It's a country of oulaws, little better than Somalia. At least here there's the police who punishes the criminal but does not prevent the crime. Because, selling deadly guns on the street to whoever can pay for it is a crime in itself.

  9. 天災人禍,天災固然可怕,但人禍更可怕,因為人禍可以由各種原因造成人類大規模人死傷,甚至是什麼原因造成人禍大家也未必知道,這才是人禍最可怕地方


  10. America is a ticking time ⏰bomb and it will explode one day. The racism and hate in America will always be there, cause the whites think they are privileged people. One day America will once again erupt in a civil war and this time the country will break apart. No matter what people think about this , but it will happen. The White's won't be able to dominate the country forever , cause they will lose the majority in their country in the very near future. What goes around comes around, and what they did or are doing to the colored people will come and bite them one day.

  11. Prayers and only the warmest thoughts are with all families involved..
    As a Floridian It breaks my heart to say this , it’s going to get much worse before better stands a chance..
    God Bless

  12. Yesh, so don't move to Florida it's not safe. Especially don't move here from Michigan, Minnesota, NYC, California, Oregon, any NW or NE. You keep your communist marxist yourself and trash government you vote for away from decent people.


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