Miami Florida Things To Do 2021 4K

When you come visit Miami Florida you will have lots of options for entertainment and relaxation. Whether it’s exploring Little Havana and the art scene or going down to South Beach Miami for some Salsa dancing and dinner you are sure to enjoy Miami. We take you on an Everglades tour, Wynwood art walk, a sunset cruise on Biscayne Bay and show you the beautiful colors of the Port of Miami. Miami Beach is certainly a fun place to explore at night!

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  1. the first fact is wrong, just to let you know thats bayside. the port of miami is passing the american airlines arena. thats where you can get on cruise ship rides.

  2. Almost 40K, subscribers, great! Miami and Florida look very appealing with warm weather, nice beaches and lots of outdoor activities.
    Frigid Arctic weather in TX.

  3. South Beach used to be cool. Used to be. In recent years it has become far more sketchy. Be careful if you go to South Beach, especially at night. Don’t go there alone, and avoid the obvious illegal activities.

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