Man arrested after slamming bat into Miami-Dade Fire Rescue vehicle,

A man was taken away in handcuffs after getting into a dangerous altercation with a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crew that even resulted in him banging a fire truck windshield — and it wasn’t the only emergency vehicle he damaged that very same day.


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  1. The judge lady is really nice, she just granted pooh shiesty a $10k bond for shooting a securityguard even tho he alreadyout on bond for another shooting, this guy actually lucky

  2. They should have got out and kicked his a**!! So tired of people claiming I have emotional issues. Grow the hell up we all do!! Claiming you thought they were trying to kill you and you were the one with the bat! Your issues don't bother you enough to be able to buy a baseball bat to keep in your car, a nice car, nice clothes and you don't look like your hungry. Good way to get out of hit and run.

  3. That must've been some good cocaine… He was on the trip of a lifetime. He was stopping criminal firefighters and fleeing from assassins armed only with a bat. How dare they lock him up for that! 😂

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