Chit Show Live ! South Beach Memorial Weekend Pre-Party (Miami,Beach)

Live from Miami its Alfred Montaner

Today we are watching on the World Famous Ocean Drive on South Beach

My name is Alfred Montaner Host of the Chit Show

Comment below your Thoughts !

This content cannot be reproduced or shared without consent from Alfred Montaner

Miami Beach Ocean Drive

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  1. Im visting in july how does the bar/hotel combo work? For example the Lowes and SLS have bars/restaurants in them. If u visit the outdoor bars/restaurant are u allowed to use the pool? Also the rooftop bars with pools? Thanks

  2. Take me back to the late 90s in Miami….where i lived several years!……looks the same! great vibes!….now in argentina with quarentines over and over…..f…..nightmare!!!!!!

  3. Wow 10:26 Typical New Yorker who comes to Miami… i mean exactly the precise reason I dislike New Jersey as they always talk to people like this at 10:26 … the guy is doing his job, and the new yorker in the Yankees hat straight up calls the guy a bad word just because he is rushing to do his job. Complete backwards new york jersey style ego, wow.

  4. What an awesome video, you make me smile, and laugh. You never stop. If I ever get down there would love ❤️ to meet you. Watch all of your videos. Thanks for making them. 🙏🏼👍❤️❤️❤️

  5. As I love you like a big brother I’m doing you want to I am leaving pin to leave you my WhatsApp number my UK WhatsApp number please give me a text on WhatsApp if you do you have one I really want to get to know you and please mate when you come to visit England you can stay in my place I’m gonna leave my WhatsApp number and hopefully get to give me a call please do I really wanna chat to you
    Please give me a call and please text me I really wanna talk to you what do you want man-to-man please I really wanna get to know you so much you are a nice guy and if I’m sitting up I can’t watch it I meet your family soon if you do not believe me from the UK you can always talk to me on my WhatsApp with Number two personally I don’t usually give my number but you seem like a nice guy and I will do you wanna get to know you+44 7506 616307 Please text me on my WhatsApp I do a hangout but you don’t use hang out so please get back to me soon as you can

  6. Do you know you you’re like a big brother to me you know that and hopefully I’ll get to meet you soon I’m just counting the days down now to come I’m just gonna find a cheap ticket want to get one I’m flying out to see you soon as I come from England so I would know you give me that the human spirit to keep going forward and thank you so much this is going to be my tour guide and I get there

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