2 dead after drive-by shooting in Northwest Miami-Dade

A man and a woman have been confirmed dead after a shooting that police say took place around 1 a.m. Tuesday in Northwest Miami-Dade County.


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  1. This is horrible, my condolences to the families affected by this tragedy. Yet before anyone takes the law into their own hands know this from the word of God 7 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?
    8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Come together pray for justice it will come speedily and it won't make any sense how it does! Don't forget Jesus is coming back, please be kind, help others and pray.

  2. This like many places all across America are continue to happen after the lockdown, hmmm God is not finished, and He does see all. May the poor souls rest in peace. My deepest prayers for the families.

  3. Need a 5pm curfew for black males 13 to 40 years old to stop the killing. But, the city won't do it for fear of being called racists and having their town burned down by BLM. Because the city is scared of a terrorist organization, BLM, the killings will continue.
    But more can be done by giving mandatory sentences without parole for gun crimes. Gun crimes should be 20 years minimum, attempted murder with a gun should be life with out parole,.

  4. My Lord what is really going on. In my town Miami .why are these disqusting cowardly thugs running these blocks how is that these criminals our out powering Law enforcement .so sad everyday .THE FEDS NEEDS TO STEP IN AND THE GANG TASK FORCE. NEEDS TO HANDLE THIS..IT HAS GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL.THE CHILDREN CANT EVEN PLAY AS CHILDREN YOU GOTTA KEEP THEM IN THE HOUSE.AND BIDEN OR KAMALA HAS NOT SAID A WORD.ABOUT THESE MASSIVE SHOOTING..WHERE ARE THE CHURCH LEADERS. .MY LORD.

  5. Only messages im getting from these killers are, well, first they're testing the police and the hood then they're saying we're bad and bold can't nobody stop us we have masks thanks to covid 19 we can cover our faces all day all night it's legal and go out and kill who we want to and pull a easy get away, they're enjoying killing these days it's the new sports now…

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