Did MLS let Inter Miami off the hook despite punishment for cheating? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Sebastian Salazar to rip into Inter Miami after Major League Soccer announced major sanctions against the club owned by David Beckham after an investigation into the signing of Blaise Matuidi.

0:00 A rundown of the sanctions imposed against Inter Miami and individuals involved, including former sporting director Paul McDonough, who was immediately fired by Atlanta United when the punishments were announced.
1:14 Gomez applauds MLS for growing a backbone with its punishment of Miami.
2:35 What if Inter Miami actually won something in 2020 after committing roster violations?
5:00 How much of a disappointment has Inter Miami been as an MLS club?

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  1. IMO, we need to get rid of these “conferences”, and instead have a 20 team table. Bottom 3 get relegated, while we use the same format in the USL, and the top 3 get promoted to the MLS. Most points wins the league title, then you have 1-2 cups during the year


  2. David Beckham has still got time and they have brought stars like Gonzalo etc who are stars and are a good start so don’t say Beckham doesn’t care and doesn’t deliver. I’d like to see Torres go there now as he’s out of retirement.

    Griezmann will go to LA Galaxy, Neymar is still young and will go back to Santos, Messi and Ronaldo might go to Miami but they all have time and jobs in Europe first. If we want to see Messi, Suarez and CR7 play together ever in our lives- it’s at Miami. And maybe a MSN return will be at Miami too.

  3. I think personally they need to change the role to 5 designated players. It makes common sense but you can only play 4 on a pitch. Good on MLS finding a backbone but personally the role needs to change. It’s time to level up now MLS and that comes in 3 objectives:
    1) 5 designated players per club and 4 can play on a pitch at a time. And get rid of the salary cap! It’s ridiculous and a limiting the league. (At least increase it by 3 times the amount)!
    2) promotion and relegation system- 2 teams from both sides of the leagues get relegated automatically and then the third goes it to a relegation playoff with a team in the same spot on the other conference league.
    3) having to play 5 players (from both the US and/or Canada) under the age of 23 (4 at least are home grown) this includes subs (2/3 subs are follow this rule). It would allow Canadian and US talent to thrive from regular experience- which both national players lack when they are outside of Europe.

  4. This is exactly why MLS will always a be a low level league. Crazy you are not allowed to have more than 3 big named players. Imagine if the EPL, La Liga had such dumb idiotic rules. MLS sucks they will never allow there own league to grow.

  5. global superstars will not just come flocking to America after DB asks politely. It will take years of building a project and that has begun. However, its a shame that they didn't follow the rules…

  6. What a shock, a ManChester United based club is cheating. No duh! That is what Manchester United is all about. That is how they won everything. A culture of cheating with coward refs. David Beckam CHEATER!!!!!!!!

  7. Everyone saying have relegation have relegation blah blah blah, i would love to see relegation but this is a franchise league, it won’t happen but could in a European Super League way by giving USL Championship teams the opportunity to participate in MLS yearly with 4 spot in each conference = 8 teams, bottom 4 USL team gets relegated but the top 2 relegated teams still has a playoff chance to stay in MLS, that would really skyrocket the development of the lower leagues and make the USL pyramid system way more competitive.

  8. These idiots really thought Neymar and Ronaldo were gonna turn up? Are you thick? Why would you leave Europe when your in your prime to go play in a retirement league?

  9. How is it sporting and fair competition if one team can entice a player by promising them there own club!? And it doesn't count towards salary cap! Galaxy has done this twice? That's all I have to hear. Peace out MLS, from a relatively new fan.

  10. This is hilarious. The MLS are using miami, a brand new team in a tough market to be successful in unless you're winning as some marketing thing to show the world they're a serious league by punishing them like this but in reality I find it impossible for the league to have not known they were gonna have 4 designated players instead of 3 lol what a joke of a league.

  11. So it's cool to be "creative" about doing the same thing? Glad zlatan was here but dp is dumb and relegation should be incorporated with no play offs cause even the worse team can stick around to win the trophy should be pt based league

  12. F U to both of these dudes. Matuidi didnt come in until late August and Higuain in September, had they won MLS is back they would of only had 2 DPs at that time. McDonough really screwed this team, he was late on the signings, hiring the head coach, preseason matchups, everything. Glad he got the worst hammer.

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