Chit Show Live ! BlackPoint Marina Boat Ramp (Memorial Weekend Miami)

Live from Miami its Alfred Montaner

Today we are watching on the World Famous BlackPoint Marina !

My name is Alfred Montaner Host of the Chit Show

Comment below your Thoughts !

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Miami Beach Ocean Drive

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  1. I like the sandbar video u did where u went and rented the kayak and went to haulover and back to the kayak rental place!! That video was freaking awesome and it was funny as hell!! That chit was a long time ago too!!! And yeah why did u chicken out on that midnight? Those 450’s are on rubber mounts and they are supposed to move like that so they don’t break the mount! And man u just need to accidentally act like u fall in the water and grab that limb of death and break it off so that we can see that far dock lmao!!!!

  2. Find a VET to give the boat to. They gave to us our freedom and in most cases the United States have forgotten them. Ask around and then surprise a vet to make his/her day!!!!!

  3. I never understood why people don’t pack their boats before they launch. That Rabalo guy is gonna kill someone, he had no control, doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  4. Nice, I use to operate one of those Hoist Neptune M250/M350 marina lifts at Safe Harbor Calusa Island and see some crazy things. Wish I had thought about mounting a GoPro to the lift for recording some of the action, lol!!!

  5. @Alfred Montaner PLEASE tell me you edit out the 99.9% that can bring their stern into the dock gently. YOU HAVE DIRECTIONAL PROPULSION IN THE BACK MAN! 🤦‍♂️

    😂 dig your videos man!

  6. Saw the premiere and the long line. Right at the start of this live idiots loading the boat at the dock. People you don’t load at the ramp/dock!! Do all that before you get to the dock so you’re not holding others up!!!

  7. Is this a public ramp or private? Here in Gloucester we have 3 tidal ramps which are free to use by anyone and 1 public ramp that can be used on all tides. It costs residents $75.00 for a seasonal pass and $25.00 per launch for non residents. What's the deal down there? Great video as usual!

  8. My husband and I have been watching your show for a few nights now! We saw that boat that hit the sailboat & the dock! Btw watching from New Zealand! Moved here from Palm Bay four years ago… these videos, keep up the good chit!

  9. Love the show. Boat ramp watching on central Alabama lakes is hilarious. Nothing like inexperienced good Ole boys and overpriced bass boats. Chit Show is awesome.

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