Miami Beach Extends State Of Emergency As Spring Break Crowds Take Over City | TODAY

Miami Beach has extended its state of emergency and nightly curfew for three more weeks to control massive spring break crowds. Meanwhile, a new U.S. trial reveals AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine to be 79 percent effective. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for TODAY from Miami.
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Miami Beach Extends State Of Emergency As Spring Break Crowds Take Over City | TODAY


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  1. Get the Facts straight. The curfew is set in because of color people rioting and fighting in the streets EVERY WEEK and worse during the spring break. There are no elevated COVID cases for the last week. Lame stream Media is faking the issue as COVID and not color induced riots.

  2. Just when the world is BEARLY recovering from the worst pandemic in world history we have these brainless people one of them saying “ I think we shouldn’t fear the coronavirus” it sickens me to hear that I lost my uncle because of this and it’s a problem to be concerned about vaccines or not we should be more careful

  3. I also blame celebs and influencers for partying and not listening and this is what happens because of that they see that these famous people can party with no consequences so they think they should have a right to party to

  4. These young people millennials or whatever they are down in Florida just running rampant that means that most of them probably will be sick but then they want to use the race card that they work mistreated did you ever have a child and went somewhere and act the way these these young people are acting down there absolutely awful and it had nothing to do with their color of their skin I'm glad my children are grown cuz I would never ever tolerate them even living in my home acting this way and parents don't have no control I guess over their children and all these kids of one person or another is going to be sick from this virus all because of spring break insane and flying on airplanes and doing all this stuff like I said on my Facebook page I'm not going to pass no more opinions for a while cuz everything is just out of control

  5. just always believe in NBC they will put Trump in prison they will take him out we don't have to be worried about him no more he is nobody he's gone he'll never be back Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to the America people and you all know it but you you understand that biting one bite

  6. Is this another exercise in government control policy in fear tactics, because I thought Miami was open? What is going on and the purpose of all these government regulations and policies on people's movements? When I listen to the news reporters making statements like hordes of revelers and how many guns and drugs they found … it seems to me like a whole bunch of psychological control through the emotion of fear.

    I can understand if you [JUST]said that we were open for people to come celebrate but too many people came and it got out of control.

  7. If black people hadn’t been rioting they wouldn’t need the swat team. Need to Arrest everyone breaking the law and quit blaming it on race when you get arrested

  8. 10 DAY TRENDS OF CORONA-DEATHS RATE in Global Locations, Mar 11/21 v. Mar 22 (in brackets).

    SNGP 0.05(")–MNGL 0.09(10)–BUT 0.16(")–StB. 0.16(3)–QTR 0.16(")–UAE 0.32(3)–MLD 0.32(29)–TLN 0.32(3)–BHR 0.37(")–MLA 0.37(")–CYM 0.44(2)–CUR 0.46(0)–ICL 0.48(")–SVNC 0.48(3)–SYCL 0.49(.51)–FG 0.52( )–KW 0.56(")–CUB 0.61(59)–CYP 0.63(58)–ISR 0.74(")–BORA 0.76(")–StMRT 0.76(5)–UZB 0.78(6)–NRW 0.83(75)–ARUB 0.95(3)–VNZ.97(9)–TWN.99("). WHO-JHU DATA REORDERED.

    COMPARE: -DNM 1.09(0)–TRK 1.04(0)—-NZ 1.08(6)–NPL 1.09(")–JO 1.10(1)–OMN 1.10(08)–FIN 1.23(12)- NL 1.41(35)–ALB 1.72(1)–SWS 1.78(5)–U.S. 1.81(2) was 2.75 on 10/20,1.75 on 11/3/20, Border Mix w EQ 5.41 & MXC 9.02 Induce Up–ARM 1.84(2)–ASTR 1.82(76)–SWD 1.86(78)–JP 1.88(93)–IR 1.99(")–RUS 2.07(14)–PAK 2.24(0)–SP 2.27(")–FR 2.27(16)–BRZ 2.41(45)–PRTG 2.03(5)–ARG 2.46(3)–CND 2.50(43)–POL 2.52(38)–ROM 2.52(48)–COLM 2.66(")–BLG 2.83(71)–GRM 2.89(2)–UK 2.95(4)–AU 3.13(1)–IT 3.24(11)–GRC 3.27(15)–SAF 3.34(9)–TUNS 3.47(8)–PRU 3.49(2)–IRN 3.55(42)–GTM 3.62(1)–BLV 4.64(56)–CN 5.15(")–EQ 5.45(1)–SDN 6.66(75)–SYR 6.68(")–MXC 8.97(9.02). (Id.)

    Deaths per mil pop & more at our 'in', U-tube or WHO/JHU/////

  9. Covid deaths US 555,633 Mexico 198,036 UK 126,172 Canada 22,694 China 4,636 Australia 909 NZ 26 Taiwan 10.

    US school children are a year behind children from countries that followed the WHO simple 3 point plan.

    The educational gap and associated social issues are Trump's legacy affecting the US for years to come.

    Anti-maskers, Anti-vaxers, MAGATs and QANON are killing Americans.

  10. Two thirds of Covid variants originate from the US so Covid is the US VIRUS.

    There are 16 variants, 10 from the US, 2 from the UK and 1 each from South Africa, Brazil, China and France.

    Traitor Trump's "Do nothing" pandemic strategy is written into the history books as America's biggest-ever failure.

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