Spring Break | North Beach VS South Beach (Miami Beach)

Spring break in south beach in 2021 has been a nightmare! Every year it is crazy, but this year in particular is worse than any year I can remember as far as the amount of crime, trash, and crowds. This is when I am extremely grateful I live in north beach. Here is the difference.

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  1. Hi Mike! Where would you RECCOMEND to fly and stay with a kid 7yo in May next week or later, so it’s safe, with restrooms on the beach or near by…thanks! Never been in Florida, debating between Boca, Fort L. and Sunny Island…or Miami south beach ?! Thank a lot!!!

  2. This is great information thank you ,Will be taking my first trip and wasn’t
    Sure if I chose the right location but your video help me confirm that I did thank you

  3. Mike – Enjoy your channel from The Villages in the central Florida retirement belt. I am yet another Michigander who moved to Florida about 2 1/2 years ago. I don’t know if you are aware of The Villages or not. I am 62 and still quite active. But I’m certainly one of the younger homeowners in this 55+ 6community of over 100,000. And it’s still expanding south and east.

    This spring and summer I plan to take some exploratory trips on over to your neck of the woods.Obviously I’m looking for a bit more excitement in my life and I do miss living in a normal population where the average age isn’t north of age 75. Still quite a serious tennis player but starting to dip my toes into Pickleball.

    I know your expertise is with condominiums. The monthly maintenance/amenity fees seem astronomical to me. What is the governance of a typical condominium maintenance authority? Is it controlled by unit owners (non-profit) or is it A third-party which is paid to do the maintenance and also make a profit on top of that? Or is it handled by a remnant of the original condominium builder as a steady source of income?

  4. I agree with you 100% about the Out of Control Spring Breakers being destructive & disrespectful… I will never understand people who act this way & think it is fun & actually enjoy causing harm others!!! Disgusting!!!

  5. Hi Michael- gosh! I need to catchup on your vids 😃. Innocent question- are the spring breakers are Americans or tourists coming from abroad (def not from Europe bc we can’t go anywhere 😂). Also, do they come only to Miami Beach or is it the same issue through Florida?
    Thank you sir and have an awesome day 😊

  6. Florida has always been the vacation spot for my family for many years and I have stayed in South Beach but now I live here full time and the one thing that stands out about Floridians is how they respect the wild life and take great care keeping the ocean and beaches clean SO when I saw that photo you put up with all that garbage on the beach left behind…it just screams total disrespect. I can't believe these people think that is okay. Can you imagine what it would look like if these same people lived here. The place would be unusable in no time. I like the quiet like you so thanks for the great video.

  7. In my 20s I would visit Miami in January and July instead of spring break and Memorial Day weekend.🤦🏽‍♂️sad to see that these things still happen today…

  8. FL needs tourism, so the FL governor declared the state fully open for tourism with no restrictions so of course hordes of tourists will flock there….

  9. I love North Beach the problem is that on the bay side of it there are several sewage treatment holding tank off 73rd Street in front of it is a part of the Bay so toxic that it smells badly all the time and it's been closed to public use even though they just built a dock with a kayak ramp with rollers on it cuz of how toxic it is dogs have died their people's gotten sick they're now talking about major development in the area without realizing what a toxic little Cesspool lingers there I can only hope they clean it up and preserve the Integrity of our property value

  10. I've always wanted to live in South Beach/Miami Beach. It's such a beautiful, relaxing place to be. But after seeing the chaos these past few weeks, it's definitely scratched off my list. You can only wonder if this is how those tourists act in their own cities. No regard, no respect, not even for themselves – just plain disrespect all across the board. A firm set of rules and regulations need to be set so its residents, businesses and visitors are safe and can enjoy what the area has to offer in peace.

  11. I find the images to be horrifying. Glad you did a video on this very important topic. I'm trying to let me partner know that living in SoBe has some serious drawbacks… North Beach looks better and better to me. haha

  12. Great video Mike B!.

    Yeah, I prefer not being around crowds. The north beach is definitely my thing. No offense, I just don't like crowds. I prefer being alone. When people come together in big crowds, things get intense and crowds are known for littering and destroying things.

    Hopefully areas like Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Port Saint Lucie, or Saint Augustine don't have those crazy tourists coming there and messing things up.

  13. Michael, I'm so glad you shared this video b/c I was going to slip this question in to one of your other videos. Good to hear that North Beach is still pretty peaceful. Thanks for always keeping us updated. Always enjoy your videose!

  14. Thanks for the videos showing the differences in South Florida communities. I love your walking tours that give a sense of the communities. I'm researching places to buy a retirement home or second home in Florida. This video highlights some things to consider about South Florida living. Crowds! I'm a person that is respectfully of laws and just decency. I remember Spring Breaks. Most of the crowd is standing around. The bad apples that come in every bunch are the problem. It is not about race. Most people come peacefully to just hang out and have a good time. Some people do get sucked into doing things with alcohol and GOD knows what, in a crowd, that they normally would not do themselves. This is just human nature, unfortunately. It is no excuse for their behavior, we need to be responsible. This is what the police are for, to keep things in hand. The police appear to be doing a great job, thank goodness for them and the city workers who clean up the mess. It is sad that some people don't have good home training or the sense to leave an area better than they found it. We were taught these things at home, in school, in church, in Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts etc. I'm 59. What happened to teaching these good values. I feel your disgust in this video. I see this all the time in many cities in the U.S. at street lights, events, parks, and while in traffic at on-ramps: people discard trash and stuff because they can, they don't care, and there is little chance of any penalty or getting caught. Some people don't know what freedom is. Just because you are American, you can't just do whatever you want, their are laws; and, your rights stop where another's begins. These laws and rules of decency keeps things nice for everyone. I also feel your delight of the surfers, the birds, and beautiful sand. I agree that the stimulus and the relative open for business policies of Florida are bringing the extra crowds this year to many Florida cities. We have to take the bad with the good sometimes. Thanks for the insight. Sorry this is long.

  15. Just my take, without bashing on the kids, I would only testify that even since I was living in Hallandale in 1996, South Beach is not a place hungry for people. It has been bought and owned by the locals, and I mean locals within 2-5 miles, or playing basketball for the HEAT. It was $18 for me to park by the beach long enough to go to a job interview there. And that was over 25 years ago. My friends and I went out at night and encountered all kinds of attitude from bouncers, patrons, security guards, just general unpleasantness, and had to park a mile away. When I was in college, we went to Panama City one year. The place was empty before we got there, the other college kids and the bars and hotels loved us. It was a place as I said, "hungry for people" to visit. Probably Daytona was perfect like that. Purpose built for guests, not competing with locals trying to live there at a high rich lifestyle. These kids you see on the news, they want to be "ballers", but they don't understand just how not welcome they are. People are going to act up, and there are places that can handle it, even embrace it.

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